Teacher of the Year 2023

We know that great teaching is a key ingredient of a great school system. In Hamden, we place great confidence in our teachers and support them to the greatest extent possible in their efforts to provide our students with wonderful learning opportunities and environments.
The Hamden Teacher of the Year program includes an annual honor for one teacher in every school. Teachers in each school nominate and select from their staff one exemplary teacher, who then "competes" among other Hamden schools' nominees in front of a district panel. The committee then makes the final selection for our districtwide Teacher of the Year.  

Congratulations to Patricia Avitable
Hamden's District Teacher of the Year





3 things that stick out most about Trish Avitable are her tremendous compassion for children, her positive attitude each and every day, and her calm demeanor when diffusing challenging issues among students. 

Ms. Avitable is a compassionate and genuine teacher who truly cares about each one of her students. She creates a warm classroom environment in which each child feels loved. She makes sure to prioritize their social emotional well-being and advocate for their needs. She celebrates their accomplishments, dries their tears, and is always their cheerleader.

Trish is always seen with a smile on her face. She is committed to her student's well-being. With a positive attitude at all times, Trish is a dedicated teacher that ensures each and every one of her students is happy, successful, and safe. She is patient, nurturing, and dedicated to being the best she can be for her students. Her expertise, creativity, and passion make her an integral part of the Dunbar Hill community.  

"The imprints of a teacher are everlasting.  It reminds me of the saying that we do not always remember what a person says, but we do remember the way a person makes us feel. I want my students to feel empowered, confident, loved, and supported."- Patricia Avitable


HPS Teacher of the Year 2023-2024 Building Winners

Alice Peck Nancy Caragelo
Bear Path Sharon Weingart
Church Street Gina Green
Dunbar Hill Patricia Avitable
Helen Street Ebony Dennis
Ridge Hill Alex Camire
Shepherd Glen Suzanne Powell
Spring Glen Paige Dorso
West Woods Laura Perretta
Hamden Middle Melanie Coggins
Hamden High Angela Ames
HCLC Tracey Tzovolos
Wintergreen Kara Nadeau


Congratulations to everyone!