Hamden Heroes 2022-2023

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Throughout the year, so many of our students and staff members at Hamden Public Schools go above and beyond. They are shining beacons of our core values and the district honors those who make our schools a better place every day. 

May Hamden Heroes:
Alice Peck Learning Center
Denise Shea AP Staff Member
Hamden Collaborative Learning Center  
Jameir Hilton 11th Grade Student
Susan Ford HCLC Staff Member
Kaosha McLain HCLC Staff Member
Heather Taylor-Little Delta T Support Member
Shepherd Glen  
Susan Rubino Hamden Youth Services Bureau Coordinator
April Hamden Heroes: 
Shepherd Glen
Gabriella Vlahos Grade 6
Debra Surprise Shepherd Glen Secretary
February Hamden Heroes: 
Hamden Middle School
Michelle Cochran Grade 8
Devin Harris Grade 8 
Michelle DeLucia HMS Science Teacher 
Christine Rodriguez HMS Math Specialist 
Elissa Lupi Hamden Resident 
December Hamden Heroes: 
Dunbar Hill
Stephen Wagner Grade 5
Alaine Brittell DH Math Specialist
Mr. and Mrs. Richard DelVecchio DH Community Member
Helen Street
Marlana Williams Grade 6
Staci Walden HS School Nurse
Elizabeth Hindinger & Hindinger Farm HS Community Member
November Hamden Heroes: 
Bear Path
William Prokosch   Grade 6
Betty Murray Paraprofessional
Peter Bonadies  BP Parent
West Woods
Evangeline Allgood     Grade 6
Hilly Conway WW Building Substitute
Marcie Diggs     School Governance Equity Council member

Wintergreen MOU