Home Language Survey

Schools are required by the U.S. Department of Education to ask for this information because it will help us know how we can best support the child. The language information also helps us know how we can best communicate with the parent.

Parents must fill out a Home Language Survey (HLS) ONLY the first time they register their child(ren) in a CT school district.  Three questions are included in the HLS as follow:

  1. What is the primary language used in the home?

  2. What is the language most spoken by the student?

  3. What is the language the student first acquired?

The student’s home dominant language is the language, which satisfies one out of the three questions in the HLS. In addition, parents must identify country of origin.

It is through this procedure that the EL Specialist is informed of the entrance of students who might be eligible for services and who are in need of further assessment.

Home Language Survey (updated 7/2019) - English 

Home Language Survey (updated 7/2019) - Spanish