Visual Arts

Our Amazing Art Teachers



Linda Dempsey - Visual Arts

Ryan Dolan - Ceramics

Melissa Gonzales - Visual Arts

Tamsin Gosselin - Photography

Molly Hennessy - Digital Arts


Laura Boehning - 7th Grade Art

David Hubbard - 7th Grade Art

Andres Sanchez - 7th/8th Grade Art


Marc Alongi - Dunbar Hill

Brian Chasnoff - Helen Street

Rachael DaCunto - Ridge Hill

Andy Debenedet - Bear Path

Travis Duffy - Church Street

Jane Kos - West Woods

Julies Ly - Shepherd Glen

Patrick Sullivan - Spring Glen

Karen Wakeley - Alice Peck

The HPS Visual Arts Department works hard to encourage the creativity of every child in the district.  While we believe it is important to teach the principles and techniques of art, we feel it is equally important to allow students to develop the artistic part of the brain.  All students in grades K-7 are provided art instruction each week.  Beginning in 8th grade, we offer a wide array of courses for students who have found an interest in visual arts including ceramics, photography, drawing, painting and digital arts.  

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Hamden Public Schools offers a broad range of artistic opportunities for students in all of our schools. Here are just a few examples of student work across grade levels and course offerings below. 

Calendar Recognition 2022

Congratulations to the students with featured artwork in the 2022-23 school calendar! We continue to be impressed by the creativity, talent, and dedication of our students!

HHS Sidewalk Chalk Festival 2022

One of the most popular events at Hamden High returned this year to great success! Students spent hours designing beautiful, poignant artwork in the courtyard. Many thanks to the hard work of all the staff who made the event possible, led by Mrs. Gosselin!

Dunbar Hill "Art for the Sky" 2022


Once Upon a from Daniel Dancer on Vimeo.

The Dunbar Hill community came together to create this art project, led by art teacher Mr. Alongi! Watch the video to see the student involvement in every step of the process, with stunning final results!

Bulletin Board Contest 2022

K-12 youth from across the town of Hamden submitted beautiful, meaningful pieces to the Happiness Project to design a billboard promoting positive messages for the community. Here are the winning designs- look for them on billboards around town!

Townwide Art 2022

What a joy it was to see the Townwide Art Show return in person this year- the featured artwork was an incredible testament to the talent, dedication, and creativity we have in our K-12 student body and the commitment and expertise of our visual art teachers! Thank you to the many, many community members who came and to the dedicated staff members who worked hard to put the show together.