Meet our Board Members

The Hamden Board of Education consists of nine members who are elected for staggered four-year terms.  No more than six members shall be from the same political party.  The Mayor shall be an ex-officio member without voting rights.

In addition to elected members, two students are selected by the Board to serve for two-year terms. Although their input is invaluable to Board discussions, student representatives do not have voting rights. Student representatives will not attend executive sessions of the Board nor have access to associated back-up material. 

View these answers to frequently asked questions to our board members.  You can contact our board members directly by clicking their names listed below. 


Hamden Board of Education, 2021-22

Member Phone School Liaison


M. Arturo Perez-Cabello (Chair)  203-865-0110 Ridge Hill Equity (Chair)
Melinda Saller (Secretary)  203-230-2809 West Woods, HHS Policy (Chair) Curriculum, Personnel 
Lynn Campo  203-288-3633 Bear Path,
ACES Representative
Goals & Eval. (Chair), Finance 
Chris Daur   203-248-8135  Spring Glen, HHS Operations (Chair), Finance (Chair)
Melissa A Kaplan  203-603-9320 Hamden Middle, SEPTA Curriculum (Chair), Personnel, Equity
Gail Mitchell  203-281-7116 Dunbar Hill Goals & Eval., Policy
Gary Walsh  203-230-0539 Wintergreen, SEPTA Curriculum, Finance, Operations, Personnel (Chair)
Ayanna Iovieno Student Representative HHS Junior  

The Board Chair is an Ex-Officio member of all Board committees.

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