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On April 24, 2024, Grades 4-6 Multilingual Learners were enchanted by the timeless tale of Cinderella at the Downtown Cabaret Theatre in Bridgeport. Everyone enjoyed watching the show! For many students, this was their first time seeing a staged performance!



Elizabeth Lapman


News from the Multilingual Learners Department
Hamden Public Schools

 Spring 2024: Conferences Edition

During the school year, teachers will invite you to come to parent-teacher meetings (also called conferences). This is very common in the United States. 

The conference gives you a chance to talk with your child’s teacher. Your child’s teacher will probably talk about your child’s grades, classwork, homework, and behavior. You will learn more about your child’s classes, and find out if your child is having any problems. Here are some tips for conferences:


Before the conference

  • Ask your child how she feels about school.

  • Ask your child if there is anything that he wants you to talk about with his teacher.

  • Tell your child that you and the teacher are meeting to help her.

  • Make a list of topics that you want to talk about with the teacher.

  • Prepare a list of questions such as:

  1. What are my child's strongest and weakest subjects?

  2. Does my child hand homework in on time?

  3. Does my child participate in class?

  4. Does my child seem happy at school?

  5. What can I do at home to help?

During the conference

  • Be on time (or early) for the meeting.

  • End the meeting on time. Other parents will probably have a conference after yours.

  • Relax and be yourself.

  • Stay calm during the conference.

  • Ask the most important questions first.

  • If your child receives special services such as English classes, ask about your child's progress in those classes.

  • Ask for explanations of anything you don't understand

  • Ask your child's teacher for ways that you can help your child at home.

  • Thank the teacher.


3/5: HHS Conferences

3/6: HMS Conferences

3/21: ½ Day HMS/HHS/ Prof. Development Day

3/25: Elementary Evening Conferences

3/26: ½ Day Elementary Afternoon Conferences

3/27: ½ Day Elementary Evening Conferences


Holidays & Observations

3/1-3/30: Women’s History Month

3/8: Int’l Women’s Day

3/10-4/9: Ramadan

3/17: St. Patrick’s Day 

3/20: Nowruz

3/24: Purim 

3/25: Holi 

3/31: Easter 

3/31: Cesar Chavez Day

After the conference  

  • Talk about the conference with your child.

  • Talk about the positive points, and be direct about problems.

  • Tell your child about any plans you and the teacher created.

  • Keep in touch with the teacher during the school year.

More tips for parent-teacher conferences can be found here.

LanguageLine Solutions

Hamden Public Schools offers LanguageLine Solutions to assist communicating with families who speak a language other than English. This service is available for in-person conferences (your phone can be placed on speaker mode). If you need a translator for conferences, please contact your student’s teacher and EL/ML Teacher.  



We encourage you to use TalkingPoints in order to communicate with your EL/ML teacher in your home languages and build strong partnerships all year long. This is a FREE program. Learn more at


2nd graders are learning about animal life cycles. Here they are comparing and
contrasting the life cycle of a chicken and the life cycle of a frog by using a venn digram.


Ms. Lapman visited 1st graders at Bear Path School for Read Across America Day. She read “Maybe Something Beautiful” by Isabel Campoy and Theresa Howell, and she gave students a “care” package to take home. 

Fourth graders are researching a severe
weather of their choice. Soon they will make a pamphlet complete with photos to present to their class.

6th graders listened the story 'Mama's  Nightingale'. Here they are sharing the problems that immigrant family in the story faced in the U.S.A.

In Grade 5, students are examining different perspectives of an argument. Students are
also learning how to support an argument
with facts and reasons.

First grade students have returned to reading fictional text and identifying elements of a story. Here, students have personal word banks and are accessing the anchor chart for vocabulary and sentence frame support.  

Third graders are reading fairy tales and analyzing the villain.

Grade 7 is preparing for an assessment on theme. Students watched a short film and worked together to come up with themes and evidence to support the theme. 

Students at the high school are enhancing their reading comprehension skills by summarizing short stories or informational texts using graphic organizers.



Parent Bill of Rights available online here:

Visit our Cultural Corner at to learn about holidays and observations. 




Elizabeth Lapman

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News from the
Multilingual Learners Department
Hamden Public Schools


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Building Communities NightBuilding Communities Night

In December, families gathered at the Thornton Wilder Auditorium at the Hamden Public Library for an enjoyable evening of bingo and pizza! Our next Building Communities Night will be held on April 4, 2024 at the Hamden Public Library. More information to come!


LAS Links Annual Assessment

Our students have completed the annual LAS Links Assessment. Scores will be sent home in Mid-May. In order to achieve “exit” status as a Multilingual Learner, a student must obtain the following on the LAS Links Assessment:

  • an overall Level 4 or 5 on the LAS Links

  • a Reading score of 4 or higher

  • a Writing score of 4 or higher

Field Trip for Grades 4, 5 and 6Cinderella

On Wednesday, April 24, 2024, we will be taking the 4th, 5th, and 6th grade Multilingual Learner students to see “Cinderella” at the Downtown Cabaret Theatre in Bridgeport. Details and permission slips will be sent home the first week in March.

Parent Bill of RightsCSDE Logo

The state Board of Education unanimously voted to adopt a “bill of rights” for non-English speaking parents. This will ensure families understand they are entitled to enroll their child in public education, regardless of immigration status, and receive translation services and important documents in their native language. A copy of the the Parent Bill of Rights will be available this Spring in multiple languages.


2/1: Black History Month 

2/2: Groundhog Day

2/5: Rosa Parks’ Day

2/10: Lunar New Year

2/15: Early Dismissal (Teachers have Professional Development)

2/16-19: Winter Recess (No School)

2/19: Presidents’ Day (No School) 


In January, we welcomed Ms. Gonzalez as our new EL Teacher at Church Street School!

Ms. Gonzalez

Absences  Absences - Spanish


Students in primary grades are working on vocabulary development. 

First grade students (picture on right) are learning about the world around them. We began the unit with a visual of our topic.  Students discussed the visual and together we completed a web of connected words. With support of the visual, web, and sentence frame, students were able to tell about the topic orally and in writing. 

Second graders (pictured on left) are learning about fables. This week they were looking for vocabulary words in “The Fox and the Grapes.” 

Third graders (pictured on right) are learning about mysteries. Students read “The Ghost Town Mystery” on Epic and identified clues throughout the story. Picture are third grades


Some of our fourth graders were learning about synonyms. Students were given the word synonym in their native languages (Spanish, French & Pashto). Then students were given English translation with photos to match.

Fifth graders are learning about idioms. Idioms are phrases that have a different meaning from their literal meaning.

We have also been looking for the theme in stories we read. Students have been asked, ‘What message can we learn from this story?’

Sixth graders are working on vocabulary development for the Social Issues Unit. Students were given a word and discussed the meaning of the word by looking at a picture. Students then wrote a definition in their own words.
ELA 8 is working on how to take notes by using an informational text. Students are working hard on setting up the notes and identifying main ideas and central ideas. 
HHS 9TH Graders are working on creating a "My Home" prose piece (creative nonfiction) as they read 'The House on Mango Street' by Sandra Cisneros. Sophomores are working on analyzing poetry from 'Where the Sidewalk Ends' using TP-CASTT.  


  • Check that your child’s homework is completed.
  • Ask your child to tell you about the school day. Asking your child about their day opens up a world of stories, giggles, and precious insights!
  • Find a way to keep in regular contact with the teacher or school staff member usually email or in person is best.
  • Make sure your child gets enough rest and comes to school each day.
  • Develop a homework routine.
  • Read together 20-30 minutes each night.
  • Go to for some great articles on how to help your child.                     



Elizabeth Lapman

Last night, we held our final Building Communities - Family Night on Zoom. Our students had a great time sharing their Jamboards and playing Kahoot! We hope everyone has an amazing summer. We can't wait for next year's Building Communities events!

Building Communities

Elizabeth Lapman

Building Communities Family Night

Wednesday, January 20, 2021


Come join us to learn more about the Talking Points app, and then play a Scavenger Hunt!

Prizes for 1st, 2nd, 3rd place winners!

See Zoom Link in your child's EL Google Classroom.


Elizabeth Lapman

We are very proud of all of our English Learners who met the exit criteria on the annual LAS Links assessment. Continue to work hard and practice your English!

Visit your child's EL Google Classroom to watch the virtual ceremony. 


Ms. Lapman, Ms. Ciaburri-Rodriguez, Ms. Dow, Ms. Knoblauch, Ms. Mauro, Ms. Piscitelle, Ms. Rende, Mr. Sousa, and Mr. Thomas