Parent involvement is one of the keys to student success in school. We encourage you to join the West Woods PTA and become an active part of our school community. The West Woods PTA works to support learning both inside and outside our classrooms and coordinates fantastic events that strengthen our school community.

The West Woods PTA holds monthly meetings and has many different ways for families to be involved that can be tailored to your schedule

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WW PTA Board

PRESIDENT:  Melissa Ciarleglio


TREASURER: Stefanie Summerer

SECRETARY: Jennifer Schmitz

WW PTA helps!

Programs and services

The West Woods PTA provides a variety of programs and services:

  • Beautification of school grounds
  • Coordinates after-school activities
  • Coordinates family activities
  • Funds cultural enrichment programs
  • Funds field day
  • Funds scholarships
  • "One-Call Now" notification
  • PTA liability insurance
  • Subsidizes field trips
  • Supplements academic enhancement materials

Value of PTA Membership

The PTA works on behalf of its members, providing state and national information, influence and recognition to help unite parents, teachers and the community for the good of all children. Together, members can create a healthy, nurturing environment for improving opportunities for ALL children.

Where do membership dues go?

A portion of the membership dues go to Connecticut and National PTA, as well as the West Woods PTA. Becoming a member enables you to vote on the PTA budget, PTA officer elections and other initiatives.

State and National PTA

The Connecticut and National PTAs support our PTA in many ways:

  • National representation on Capitol Hill, Presidential appointed committees
  • Partnerships with national organizations, sponsors and foundations.
  • Pursuit of federal legislative initiatives adopted by PTA members
  • Resources for local PTAs