Student of the Month

Across the school district, teachers nominate students for the Superintendent's Student of the Month Award.


We are proud to recognize these West Woods School students for their outstanding academic effort and character. 


Adult female teacher and child facing camera smiling




Sophia T.

First Grade

with Ms. Pollack


Female teacher and student smiling, looking at camera




Joanne Y.

Second Grade

with Mrs. Longyear


Young girl and female teacher looking at camera smiling




Ellie M.

Third Grade

with Mrs. Essenter


Adult male and young boy looking at camera smiling.




Haram L.

Fourth Grade

with Superintendent Goeler


Female teacher and student looking at camera smiling.




Haley P.

Fifth Grade

with Mrs. Grabarz


Male teacher and student looking at camera smiling.




Amanda O.

Sixth Grade

with Mr. Devoe