High School Program

Hamden High School is an accredited four-year public high school that recently was named by US News & World Report as one of the Best High Schools in America! HHS is a comprehensive high school that serves a diverse student body of more than 1500 students. The school strives for excellence in all areas and believes that effective education is the result of a strong partnership with the families of its students.

Hamden High's program of study is designed to provide each student with a world-class learning experience. The wide range of learning options offered exceeds many other comprehensive high schools in Connecticut. In addition to required course offerings, students may choose from a vast selection of electives. Classes meet daily on an eight period schedule.

Teams and "House" Structure

In order to provide an easier transition to high school, our ninth grade students are placed on heterogeneous teams, allowing for greater teacher connections as well as a smaller community feel within the context of a larger school.  To further personalize the high school experience in grades 10-12, Hamden High School is structured around a house system. Each house is under the direction of an assistant principal, who is also referred to as the House Principal. Students are alphabetically assigned to one of three houses - each with its own administrator, guidance counselors, and support professionals who provide direct service to the students.  In additional to these members, a school nurse and/or school psychologist also provide assistance.

Special Programs

HHS offers several programs that are unusual to our school - such as the Internationally renowned DECA (entrepreneur) program, or our HHS STEM Academy - where students can earn an Associate's Degree in Manufacturing concurrently with their high school diploma!  And then there's our Culinary Arts program, enabling students to learn skills and earn industry certifications that help prepare them for the world after high school.


Students have a huge array of options for courses at Hamden High. From engineering to pottery, environmental studies to culinary arts, child development to world religions, to yoga and mindfulness and Mandarin Chinese - there's something for everyone at Hamden High School!

Extra Curricular Activities and Athletics

It's hard to imagine a topic that Hamden High DOESN'T offer as an extra-curricular activity! Like playing with creepy-crawly creatures?  Join the Reptile Club. Are you interested in community Service? Consider the Interact Club. Have a flair for athletics - consider trying out for any one of our 30+ varsity and junior varsity sports!


Sample Schedule

Here's an example of an 11th grader's schedule:

1st Period:  AP US History

2nd Period: American Literature

3rd Period: Physical Education

4th Period: Photography

5th Period: Lunch

6th Period: Algebra II

7th Period: Physics

8th Period: Mandarin Chinese