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Exit Criteria

Connecticut English Learner Exit Criteria Grades K-12 

Each year, the progress of every student in the program is reviewed for increased English proficiency and academic achievement. An “Annual Review” determines what growth the student has made during the year, as well as, eligibility for beginning the exiting process at the K-12 level. The “Annual Review” is conducted by the TESOL Teacher/ Specialist(s). The results of the English mastery assessments of all students are reviewed to determine placement for the following year, and type of language services. 

In order for students to exit either the Bilingual Education and/or ESOL Program and no longer receive English language acquisition support, the student must reach the state mandated exit requirements as described below. The Linguistic Standard selected for Connecticut is measured by the LAS Links Assessment. 

Grades K-12 LL Exit Requirement: LAS Links Scores

In order to exit status as an "English Learner," the student must obtain an overall Level 4 or 5 on the LAS Links as well as a Reading Score 4 or Higher and a 
Writing Score 4 or higher.


Read more about exit requirements at the Connecticut State Department of Education Website.