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Welcome to the Cultural Corner

Here is a list of some other holidays observed in April:

April 14: Vaisakhi is the festival that celebrates the founding of the Sikh community as the Khalsa (community of the initiated). On this day, Sikhs gather and celebrate Vaisakhi at their local Gurdwaras (Sikh house of worship) by remembering this day as the birth of the Khalsa. 

April 21: Rama Navami is one of the most significant dates in the Hindu calendar. As stated above, the day commemorates the birth anniversary of Shri Rama, who was born to King Dasharatha and his first Queen Kaushalya in the Treta Yuga. 

The Festival of Ridván is celebrated by the Baha’i, and commemorates the 12 days when Bahá’u’lláh, the prophet-founder, lived in paradise called Ridván. There are special meals and community activities to mark this aspect of the life of Baha’u’llah.

Festival of Ridvan

Language Days at the UN were created to entertain as well as inform, with the goal of increasing awareness and respect for the history, culture, and achievements of each of the six working languages among the UN community.

Today pays tribute to Cangjie is a very important figure in ancient China, who is claimed to be the inventor of Chinese characters.

Each year on April 17th, National Ellis Island Family History Day encourages families to explore their ancestry and discover family who immigrated by way of Ellis Island.

Here are five books to read with your family to learn more about Ramadan.

1. Ramadan and Eid-al Fitr by Lisa Bullard: For Muslims, Ramadan is a time for fasting, prayer and thinking of others. Follow along in this four chapter book as Rashad tried to be good all month. Find out how people celebrate this special time of year.

2. Max Celebrates Ramadan by Adria F Worsham: Omar invites Max to his house for the end of Ramadan. Family, food, and fun are all part of the special day.

3. Golden Domes and Silver Lanterns: A Muslim Book of Colors by Hena Khan: A picture book about colors where a little girl describes Islamic religious and cultural symbols using color, poetry, and Arabic words. 

4. Lailah's Lunchbox by Reem Faruqi: Now that she is ten, Lailah is delighted that she can fast during the month of Ramadan like her family and her friends in Abu Dhabi, but finding a way to explain to her teacher and classmates in Atlanta is a challenge until she gets some good advice from the librarian, Mrs. Carman.

5. R is for Ramadan by Greg Paprocki: A fun alphabet primer celebrating the month-long Muslim observance of fasting and spiritual awareness.