Elementary Program

second grader picture and writing about loving to write and share her writing

Elementary schools in Hamden provide a broad and compete education for children in grades kindergarten through grade six. Some of our elementary schools also have preschool programs. 

Hamden currently has eight elementary schools, spread throughout the town. Students are assigned to attend a a specific elementary school based on where they live. 

Every day, students have instruction in reading, writing, mathematics, science and social studies. Students also have "specials" including art, music, physical education and library media. The school day runs from about 8:00-3:00 or 8:30-3:30 (we have "early" and "late" schools).

Class sizes in primary grades have a maximum of 20 students; in grades three-six, the maximum class size is 25 students.

Technology is integrated into classes and students have access to chromebooks, iPads, and  laptop and desktop computers. We offer students a variety of "hands on" experiences to immerse and engage them in learning.

What do you love most about school?

We asked a few of our elementary students to tell us what they love about school - here's what they told us.

Ruby  (Grade 6) I believe that Ridge Hill is an AMAZING school. I remember when I was in 5th grade I would come into the classroom in the morning and be welcomed warmly by my teacher. I got my morning work done with a smile on my face, waiting for the day to begin. Ridge Hill School is also really good with new kids, in any grade. For example, four new kids came to our class this year and they have all found a great group of friends. I really love that our school is so diverse. I am lucky to go to a school that does not judge people by what they look like or their background, but our personalities.

Carlos (Grade 3) School is really fun. I get to read and write about things that I like. I get to spend time with my friends. We do a lot of different things every day.

Mo (Grade 4) School is cool. I like working on my chromebook and doing groups with my friends. I like specials and all the teachers try hard.

Andrew (Grade 6) My school is a place where friendships are made. The staff, kids, and teachers are always friendly to you.  Our school community is friendly and we choose to be kind and helpful to others.

Andre (Grade 1) I love my school. I love my teacher. She is nice. She makes us happy.

Jaya (Grade 2) My favorite part of the day is writing.  I love writing because, we are doing nonfiction.  I love to think of a topic that I know a lot about and love.  Like music.  I also like math and how we get to learn new math games with my friends. 

Eva (Grade 5)  I always look forward to the next day of school because there is always going to be something fun and different to do. I personally love geography because you are always traveling somewhere new which is what I want to do when I grow up.  

Peter (Grade 2) My favorite part of the day is math workshop because I get to work with friends, and I help them and they help me. I also like math workshop because we play cooperative games and I like cooperative games because I like to work with my friends. 

Ashley (Grade 5) A specific thing I like is school is to learn with great teachers over the years and to learn amazing information to help you in the futures as well as to have growth in your brain. I also believe another great thing about school is to learn on field trips, such as STEM, school plays and other things that make school a fun learning place for me.

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What is it our teachers love about working in Hamden?