Student of the Month October 2020


Bear Path School- Jayden Greenberg
Jayden comes into school every morning with a smile on his face and a friendly good morning for his teacher. Every day. That's really noteworthy this year, when school feels so much different for all of us. His positive energy lifts up everyone around him.

Jayden consistently steps in and helps out, without being asked. He notices a problem and quietly takes care of it. Not because he wants credit or recognition, but simply because it's the right thing to do. 

Jayden is enthusiastic about learning and growing. He will eagerly tell you about the book he is reading or raise his hand to contribute to a class conversation. He puts effort into his work and is motivated to improve.

Church Street School- Jermaine Wright
Jermaine displays good citizenship every day a Church Street School.  He has embraced the new model of learning here at school and is someone all of the teachers can count on to do the right thing, day in and day out.  Jermaine loves science and always participates during lessons.  He enjoys reading and has an extensive knowledge of the DC and Marvel Universes.  Jermaine is a soft-spoken young man who is a hard worker and we are pleased to nominate him for this award.
Dunbar Hill School- Vill-Andre Harris
Vill-Andre has settled into our new learning routine with enthusiasm and a positive attitude. He is a conscientious student who completes all of his assignments and is always fully engaged in our lessons. Vill-Andre enjoys reading and is more than willing to fill his teachers in on the latest plot lines! He is a great math student, who participates in class discussions and shares his problem-solving skills. He demonstrates empathy for others and is a true classroom leader.
Each day, Vill-Andre expresses such eagerness and brings a real sense of positivity to our sixth grade classroom. His smile truly brightens everyone’s day here at Dunbar Hill. We couldn’t be more proud of Vill-Andre!

Helen Street School- Joseph Campbell
Joseph has been nominated for Student of the Month by all of the Unified Arts teachers at Helen Street School. Joseph demonstrates an interest in learning and improving.  He is very comfortable in the classroom environment and is eager to be part of whatever is going on.  He enjoys hands-on activities and stays focused on what it is his teachers are demonstrating or instructing. 

Additionally, Joseph is a pleasant, patient and willing classmate.  He respects others’ learning opportunities as well as values his own opportunities.  He works well with many aspects of his school day- using technology, applying creativity, participating in physical education, and engaging in stories and information literacy. 
Joseph is a wonderful student at Helen Street School.  We are very fond of him and enjoy him whenever is in our Specials classrooms 

Ridge Hill School-Chyle Bond

Chyle came to us last year from Highville Charter School.  She and her family have been a welcomed addition to our school.  When sixth grade had to choose, it was an easy decision for them. 

With all the unpredictability that comes with learning during a pandemic, Chyle embraces each day with positivity and a smile. She strives to understand every new skill and concept introduced in 6th grade, participates in all discussions, and never puts anything less than 100% effort in all assignments.  

She was chosen to be Moana in our school play last year, but unfortunately we didn’t get to have the program.  She has an amazing voice that she didn’t tell anyone about prior to try-outs. We are honored to have her in our classroom this year. 

Shepherd Glen School-
Andrea is a sweet and kind hearted soul. She comes from a family who is equally caring and kind hearted. Andrea has done nothing but impress the 6th grade team with her work ethic, intelligence and care for others. She even gets Mr. Nyce's jokes, which is not easy to do in the beginning of the year! Andrea is a well-mannered and dedicated student. She is always prepared and has a positive outlook even during these challenging times in education. She advocates for herself when needed and understands and appreciates the value of education. She is outstanding role model for her peers. 
 Andrea is a special young girl who was raised right by a great family and has developed into a truly wonderful student and person. We are so proud to recognize her as 6TH GRADE STUDENT OF THE MONTH!  Shepherd Glen is lucky to have her! :)
Andrea es una estudiante muy inteligente. Ella siempre participa en clase y comparte sus conocimientos sobre los libros y las historias que leemos.

Spring Glen School- Mia Verderame
Mia exemplifies all the qualities that a teacher looks for in a student.  She comes to school everyday with a smile (albeit behind her mask), positive attitude, and a desire to learn and be her best self. She puts a great amount of effort into everything she does, as is reflected in her classwork, which far exceeds expectations.

Mia is a role model to her peers and is respectful of both her classmates and teachers. She is compassionate and kind; always willing to lend a helping hand to a classmate. Mia maintains her positivity, even when things are hard, and encourages others to do the same. 

West Woods School- Ella Porto
We have only been in school a few weeks and Ella Porto is already a student who stands out from the rest.  Ella is known for being friendly, kind, and caring.  Even though she wears a mask, her eyes are always smiling.  Every morning, she arrives happy and ready to learn.  She is prepared with her materials and is motivated to do her best.  Ella likes to participate whether it be actively chatting in a ZOOM break out room or enthusiastically sharing answers with the whole class.  It is truly evident that Ella likes being back in school.  Many other teachers describe her as hard working, responsible, and respectful.  Her classmates share that she is a good friend and someone who follows the rules.  
Hamden High School- 12th- Abigail Cole
Abigail Cole is a senior an honor roll student who her teachers applaud her independence, open mindedness, and hard work. Junior year, she was a member of our Tri-M music honor society council, a two-year member of the volleyball team, and a junior drum major in our marching band. Now, Abigail conducts the HHS marching band.  She performs in our jazz big band, jazz combo, pit orchestra, brass ensemble, concert band, and local music school (NMS) ensembles.  After high school, Abigail is committed to becoming a music teacher.
Hamden High School-12th-Taitianna Jones
Taitianna Jones is a well rounded and respected senior.  She is an honor roll student and the captain of the soccer team and a member of the indoor/outdoor track team.  She was named 2018 Girls Soccer All-SCC  honoree and  2019-2020 All-SCC honoree for Girls Track.  Her leadership is demonstrated both on and off the field.  Her teachers report that she always completes her work, has great attitude, and is a critical thinker.  She has been accepted to Eastern Kentucky University.

Hamden Middle School- 7th Grade-Kendra Shubert
Kendra Shubert is a delightful young lady who brightens the room (and the Zoom) with her smile and eagerness to learn. In a few short weeks, Kendra has proven herself to be a model student; she is kind and hardworking. She has a sincere positive mindset. Kendra especially shines in her favorite subject, science. Outside of school Kendra is a dedicated dancer, honing her craft in contemporary, hip-hop, tap, and ballet style dance. Keep up the awesome work, Kendra! 

Hamden Middle School- 8th Grade- Cameron Edwards
Since returning to school, Cam has done incredibly well adjusting and adapting to all of the changes. He arrives excited and ready to learn each day. He is a role model for the Dragon Pride expectations. He always knows how to make those around him smile. We are so proud of Cam; he is a great student!

HCLC- Nallani Payton
Nallani comes to us from Common Ground High school. She has been a very nice addition to our student body. Nallani is hard working and her attendance has been almost perfect. She is easily redirected and takes help from staff readily.

Nallani likes to chat about her baby brother and is helpful to her peers.