Superintendent's Students of the Month

The Student of the Month program is meant to promote success in and out of the classroom. For a student to be a well-respected citizen, they must be able to balance many different areas of life. They must exemplify outstanding characteristics both as a student and as a citizen of the community.

The student must be able to handle many different aspects of student life while maintaining excellence in the classroom. This award is designed to nominate and select
students who promote and take pride in their individual school and in themselves.

February 2021 Superintendent's Students of the Month!

Bear Path School- Cassidy Clapp
Cassidy truly is a gift for any teacher and classroom. She comes to school every day with a smile on her face and an eagerness to learn. She follows all expectations of the classroom and epitomizes "Pawsitive" behavior. She is well-liked by her peers, and always willing to spread kindness.

Cassidy is a hard worker who takes pride in not only completing the given assignments, but often goes above and beyond to challenge herself. In what could be a difficult time, Cassidy is a source of optimism and hope.


Church Street School- Alyssa Diaz
Alyssa Diaz is a second grader in Ms.  McKiernan’s class at Church Street School.  Alyssa is a hard-working student who doesn’t give up until her work is perfect and free of mistakes.  Even though her academics are important to her she remains a warm and caring student in our class.  Alyssa will be the first person on zoom and will always greet me with a good morning and a smile before I say anything. 

     Her hard work doesn’t’ just apply to her academics.  She is a budding young artist.  Her pictures that she draws for fun are colorful and detailed with beautiful designs.  It is my pleasure to have Alyssa Diaz in my class and to nominate her as my student of the month.  She exemplifies what Church Street School stands for.  She is responsible, respectful and a positive young girl to everyone she meets.

Dunbar Hill School- Trayvon Taylor

Trayvon Taylor has been chosen for Superintendent’s Student of the Month for February, 2021.  This may come as a surprise because that's just who You are...

You are selfless and put others before yourself.
You do what is right even though you don't expect anything in return.
You try your best and don't give up when things get challenging.
You learn from your mistakes and work to improve.
You go with the flow and persevere during this extremely challenging time in our world.
You care about your teachers and classmates and we care about you.  
You include others and make them a part of the second grade "Dream Team."
You speak up for others and yourself when something needs to change for the better.
Trayvon, you are an awesome student.   We are grateful to have you at Dunbar Hill School.


Helen Street School- Hazel Fortier
Hazel Fortier is currently and always has been an incredibly responsible, intelligent, and kindhearted student during her time at Helen Street School, even since Kindergarten. Now as a fifth grader, Hazel always puts her best effort in everything she does and does not settle for less – it even makes her quite competitive (in a good way). Hazel is polite, determined and always participates in classes.

Better than that, Hazel is an amazing young lady and person. She is a friend to so many, cares for others, always wants to help, has the sweetest smile and can even dish out some sarcasm here and there making everyone laugh. She loves to dance and perform and always has the best hairstyles! We are so happy to have Hazel part of our fifth grade and our Helen Street School family! 

Ridge Hill School- Henry Coon

It is especially significant to stand out in 2nd grade above all the rest, which Henry has done. Academically Henry exceeds expectations in all subject areas and still continues to reflect and seek opportunities for growth.

He is helpful and kind to all of his classmates and forgiving to both his teacher and others when they make mistakes. Henry sees the positive in all situations but brings empathy and a mind to solve problems to each situation. It is my pleasure to recommend Henry as Ridge Hill's student of the month.  


Shepherd Glen School- Seung Ha
The Shepherd Glen 2nd Grade Student of the Month for 2021 is . . . Seung Ha! We are so excited and proud of Seung for all his accomplishments so far this school year. Seung is an enthusiastic learner! He is always asking questions to deepen his understanding. Seung loves to participate and share his thinking with the class.

He is a very motivated student and role model to his peers. Seung is an English Learner and enjoys working with Mrs. Mauro. Seung is very consistent with meeting his Imagine Learning and DreamBox goals.  He has shown resiliency with all the changes this school year. Congratulations Seung! You deserve it!


Spring Glen School-  Henry Groffman
Henry Groffman is a wonderful student.  Henry is new to our school this year and brought many outstanding qualities with him.  As a student, Henry is extremely inquisitive.  He never hesitates to ask questions that go beyond the story or lesson. 

Henry is also compassionate.  He has a natural essence of wanting to help his peers.  If someone needs help navigating Zoom or Google Classroom, Henry is always the first person to share directions or clarify steps to make virtual learning easier for his classmates as well as his teacher.  Congratulations Henry, you are a role model for the Second Grade Students of the Month.


West Woods School- Isabelle Reyes 
Isabelle Reyes is a kind, positive, and hard-working student.  Isabelle demonstrates a genuine love of learning, which is evident every day.  She approaches learning with both confidence and curiosity.  Isabelle eagerly contributes to all classroom conversations and we can always count on her participation during our Zoom time! 

Isabelle never hesitates to lend a helping hand to any student or teacher in need.  All of peers recognize her as caring, responsible, friendly, smart, and respectful.  Isabelle makes it such a joy to be her teacher.  Isabelle truly exemplifies what it means to follow the PACK at West Woods School. 

Hamden High School- Asher Wasserman, Grade 9

Asher Wasserman is an accomplished, hard-working, motivated  student who has delivered high quality work all year.  Asher is polite, respectful, and always has a positive attitude.  He shows a desire to learn, to challenge himself, and participates consistently every day in class. 

The most recent assignment required him to create a textbook page to fill in content gaps (from our required textbook readings) about complex historical events that took place in the Belgian Congo.  Asher’s work was exceptional, and he showed a high level understanding of the overall topic.  

Hamden High School- Morgan Collins, Grade 10

Morgan Collins is a wonderful student and classroom leader. She has adapted remarkably to the hybrid model and continues to demonstrate all the qualities of the very best that Hamden students have to offer, including being one of the nicest young people we have encountered.

She is also a member of the school’s Chorus and appeared in the YouTube video for You Will be Found with the high school chorus.




Hamden Middle School- Felicity Potkay, Grade 7
Throughout our time of distance and hybrid learning, Felicity has been a constant ray of positivity. Her artwork is thoughtful and carefully crafted, and she always fully participates in Zoom class.

She also lifts up other students with her notes of encouragement and positive feedback in Mrs. Boehning’s virtual art gallery, where her students can share work that they’ve created in and out of school. Her comments are specific and it’s wonderful to see her reaching out to all students about their work. Felicity is a kind person, and we are fortunate to learn with her at HMS.

Hamden Middle School-  Jesse Lee, Grade 7
Team Stanton would like to nominate Jesse Lee for this month's recognition. Jesse has been a stellar student that both in person and in his distance learning. Jesse participates in both in person discussions with teachers and peers, but he is also extremely active in his distance learning.

Jesse volunteered to be a peer tutor on team help students who were struggling with assignments from their core classes. He was one of the best tutors and was extremely helpful to the students who benefited from his support. What a great example of putting others over self! Team Stanton is extremely proud of Jesse!