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The Student of the Month program is meant to promote success in and out of the classroom. For a student to be a well-respected citizen, they must be able to balance many different areas of life. They must exemplify outstanding characteristics both as a student and as a citizen of the community.

The student must be able to handle many different aspects of student life while maintaining excellence in the classroom. This award is designed to nominate and select
students who promote and take pride in their individual school and in themselves.

June 2022 

Sam Cosgrove

Bear Path School- Sal Cosgrove
Sal was nominated by all his specials teachers this month because he is quiet, respectful, and gets his work done on time. In fact, when asked about the secret to his success, he notes that no matter what other people are doing in the class, he knows that the right thing to do is wait for the teacher so he can learn as much as possible.

While Sal, who is an integral part of the Bear Path student government, condones practicing the path to success using the expected behaviors, his outside school passions are quite exciting as well. Sal is an avid fisherman and drummer, hoping to achieve the musical success of his idols Buddy Rich, Lars Ulrich, and John Rutsey. It's this well-rounded excitement for life that has made Sal our nomination for Superintendent Student of the Month! 

Nina Nguyen

Church Street School- Nina Nguyen
Nina is a true leader and positive role model.  Her success comes from a growth mindset and a keen ability to problem solve any challenge. Nina’s amiable manner makes it easy for peers to seek her out for support. Nina’s career at Church Street is coming to an end, but we expect she will continue to excel both academically and as a community member in the future!  

Tarell Campbell

Dunbar Hill School- Tarell Campbell
In music class, Tarell is a very hard worker and he is always very kind to his classmates.  He continues to improve in all aspects.  In Art class, Tarell is always focused on learning and completing tasks.  He is a creative artist that thinks outside the box and is very respectful.  In Media, Tarell is curious and is very interested in many things. 

He is always an active participant in class.  In Physical Education, Tarell always puts forth his maximum effort.  He never complains about anything.  He loves to have fun with his classmates and enjoys every activity presented to him.  

The Specials department is blessed to have such an outstanding student.  He brings a smile to us every single day.

Audrey Quinn

Helen Street School- Audrey Quinn
Audrey is an excellent role model who is always on task, cooperative and friendly to others.  She is an enthusiastic learner and always willing to share what she has learned with her classmates.  Audrey is extremely friendly and outgoing. 

It is a pleasure to greet her each morning as she starts her day off with a huge smile and is sure to say “Good Morning” to anyone she sees on her way to the classroom.  Audrey truly is a pleasure to have as a student and great role model. Congratulations Audrey! Best wishes for a great 5th grade year!

Yassmine Farah

Ridge Hill School- Yassmine Farah
The LAMP crew at Ridge Hill is thrilled to choose Yassmine Farah for the Superintendent Student of the Month award. She is an exemplary student and human being. Yassmine always works hard, has a positive attitude, and is an enthusiastic learner. She is one of those students who has the ability to be autonomous and puts a fun twist on accomplishing her work.

Yassmine also makes the Ridge Hill community a better place. She is kind and respectful to both her teachers and classmates. She volunteers to help with younger students first thing in the morning and at the end of the school day. Yassmine is a great role model for all of her fellow Rockets. She aspires to be a brain surgeon and there is no doubt that she will accomplish whatever she puts her mind to. 

Sophia Granucci

Shepherd Glen School- Sophia Granucci
Sophia is the perfect example of a TOP DOG student. Everyday she comes in with a smile on her face and is ready to learn. She is well mannered and kind to both her teachers and peers.

She always puts her 100% effort in everything that she does. She is patient, focused, hardworking, and is eager to learn. It has been a great pleasure for us to teach Sophia and we can’t wait to see her grow as a student. Congratulations to Sophia and her family for doing an amazing job!


Spring Glen School- Jocelyn Aranjo-Harrell 
Jocelyn is a delight to have in class. She is always smiling and excited to
come to class. She is animated, enthusiastic, and spreads her positive
energy to everyone around her.

Whether it’s Media, Art, Music, or PE,
Jocelyn shows up ready to learn and share. Congratulations, Jocelyn!    

Giselle Hancock

West Woods School- Giselle Hancock
Giselle has been a joy to have as a student in every one of her specials classes.  She is a kind and compassionate individual that consistently strives to be her best self.  She doesn’t hesitate to try new and unpredictable concepts in music.  In library, Giselle approaches learning with curiosity and is always focused. Her work shows unique and creative perspectives that shine brightly.  She is a quiet leader in the music room and is constantly working to improve herself as a person and as a student.  In the art room, Giselle is always willing to lend a helping hand.  

Giselle is a talented artist that goes above and beyond.  She takes great care in her work.  In Physical Education, Giselle observes, plans, and executes the activities and skills without giving up.  She has intrinsic motivation which is a characteristic only some can accomplish at her age.  In the years that we have known Giselle, she has always been mature, responsible, driven and dedicated beyond her years.  She is a true role model for all her peers and adults alike.  Congratulations to both Giselle and her family for being selected the Superintendent Student of the Month.

Khalil Davis Yancey Hamden Collaborative Learning Center- Khalil Davis-Yancey

It is with great pleasure and excitement to announce Khalil as the HCLC superintendent student for the month of May. Khalil was overwhelmingly nominated by his teachers because his actions show meaning and growth. Khalil represents a sound voice of reason in our program and he is very passionate about what he feels is right and just. His strengths lie in his ability to be resilient, reflective, and purposeful.

Khalil is in tune with himself and others which makes him not only a loyal student but a great friend to his peers. These assets continue to prove his growing maturity. He is able to advocate for his educational needs and well-being and, as a result, Khalil has excellent grades to prove it. His smile lights up a room, brings us joy and we are so very proud of him. 

Landon Harris Hamden High School- Landon Harris, Grade 11

Landon Harris has spent his entire education career in the Hamden school districts.  He is a member of the Hamden Engineering Career Academy (HECA) and expresses interest in robotics. Landon’s favorite subjects are his science and social studies courses.  Outside of school, Landon enjoys the Martial Arts, specifically Taekwondo.  He is also an accomplished stand-up bass player and has previously been a member of the school orchestra. Landon’s future goals include attending a university that specializes in engineering and technology.  He is currently considering studies towards a career in aerospace engineering.  However, Landon is also interested in political sciences and may decide to pursue a career in public service. 

Landon would like to pass a message to his fellow students that it is not necessarily important to be the best at every subject. He recommends that students pursue their interests over pursuing perfect grades and push themselves to try to do the best for themselves, not others. He also says that not having a compelling interest is fine, as “You have your entire life to figure out what you like. The world won’t wait for you, but you’re not obligated to keep up with the world.”

Rania Hamdaoui Hamden High School- Rania Hamdaoui, Grade 10

Rania Hamdaoui has spent her entire education career in the Hamden school districts.  Rania is a member of the of the lacrosse and indoor track team.  Outside of school, Rania enjoys hanging out with friends and helping her family.  Rania makes a point to talk with and connect to a variety of different students in the school.  Rania recently was elected the class of 2024 class president and is already showing an interest in listening to concerns and opinions of her classmates.  Rania also took the initiative to contact HHS administration to ask to have a spirit day back in April.

In class, Rania has also been educating other students about fasting for Ramadan and sharing that aspect of her culture. Rania’s strength is making others feel included and wanting students to feel more involved in their school community.  Rania is a student who has learned from their past mistakes and actions and is truly using her story to push others students in the right direction.

Rania would like to pass a message to her fellow classmates: “Use high school to your advantage and get involved in your school community because these 4 years fly by.  Be who you want to be and don’t let your “friends” discourage you from your interests and passions.”

Susan Asche

Hamden Middle School- Susan Asch, Grade 8
Susan is an outstanding eighth grade student. Since the first day of school, Susan has impressed her teachers with her intelligence, maturity, and respectful behavior. Her strong work ethic, creativity, and incredible effort make her stand out from her peers. 

This year, Susan has earned High Honors each marking period. In addition to her academic accolades, Susan is a member of the Girls Scouts and plays the trumpet. She was also a member of the cast of the HMS production of Annie Jr. We are proud to select Susan to represent Team Morello as Superintendent Student of the Month.

Nalani Lee

Hamden Middle School- Nalani Lee, Grade 8
Nalani is a hard-working student who puts forth extra effort on every assignment. She is kind and respectful to everyone, and her teachers have enjoyed learning with her. Nalani has made tremendous growth during her middle school years. 

She is ready for high school, and we are confident Nalani will be successful. Outside of school, Nalani enjoys spending time with all four of her siblings. She also loves to take walks with her mom. She is a swimmer, too. We are proud of Nalani; she will be missed next year.