Spring Glen at Night
SPG from overhead
SPG boys love to read!
Any Day's a Great Day for a Book!
Hogwarts comes to Spring Glen
Happy Halloween!

Spring Glen Elementary School

Welcome to Spring Glen Elementary School

Spring Glen Handbook 2023-2024






Hamden Heroes

Mr. Vince Serfillippi, PTA and media center volunteer, Mrs. Angela Burkholz, second grade teacher, Lauren Freer, sixth grade student

Hamden Heroes 2023





Staff Spotlight

CONGRATULATIONS to PAIGE DORSO, first grade teacher, Spring Glen School's Teacher of the Year for 2023!

Paige Dorso- Teacher of the Year 2023


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Student Google Accounts

Please Note: Student Google accounts are not email accounts.   These Google accounts only allow students to log into their district's google account and log onto their Google Classrooms and Drive.

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