Principal's Corner

Dear Shepherd Glen Parents and Families,

I want to personally welcome you all back for another wonderful and amazing year at Shepherd Glen School. I extend this welcome to all of my current and new Shepherd Glen families. This year is I look forward to connecting with you and forging a collaborative relationship that creates opportunities for student growth and success.

As I look back on the previous year I smile with fondness and admiration at the many accomplishments and celebrations achieved at Shepherd Glen.  The one example that comes to mind was our highly successful Multicultural Fair this past spring. Our students, faculty, staff and families collaborated together to produce a wonderful extravaganza that truly exemplified and celebrated the diversity that makes us a very special and unique learning institution. Families gathered here to enlighten us on the diverse world in which they come from and helped expand our global thinking.  It was truly a momentous occasion! I look forward to many more opportunities this year to demonstrate our unique greatness!

 I believe the 2019-2020 school year is going to be a year to remember! We are going to put student success first and continue to make strides in building a strong parent-school partnership. Thank you.                                                                  

Kind Regards,

Corey M. Jackson