Superintendent's Student of the Month

Ridge Hill is proud to announce our Superintendent Students of the Month!  Our “Rockets” are working hard and we are proud to shout it from the moon!


May Student of the Month



The LAMP crew at Ridge Hill is thrilled to choose Yassmine Farah for the Superintendent Student of the Month award. She is an exemplary student and human being. Yassmine always works hard, has a positive attitude, and is an enthusiastic learner. She is one of those students who has the ability to be autonomous and puts a fun twist on accomplishing her work. Yassmine also makes the Ridge Hill community a better place. She is kind and respectful to both her teachers and classmates. She volunteers to help with younger students first thing in the morning and at the end of the school day. Yassmine is a great role model for all of her fellow Rockets. She aspires to be a brain surgeon and there is no doubt that she will accomplish whatever she puts her mind to.      

April Student of the Month.  


Blaire is an exemplary role model to her peers. She can always be counted on to listen, follow directions and focus in all subject areas. Blaire is extremely helpful and is always looking around the classroom for ways to help her classmates and teacher. She is kind and caring and cooperates with all of her peers. Blaire is a great friend as she always cheers her classmates on and is proud of their accomplishments. She is enthusiastic about learning and is a joy to have in class. Blaire exemplifies all the qualities of student of the month and is very deserving of this special award.

March Student of the Month

April SOM


Choosing Stacia for the Superintendent Student of the Month was one of the easiest decisions I could make in a day. Stacia continuously shows her teachers and classmates what it looks like to be a role model each and every day. It really is amazing to see. I always know that Stacia will do and does the right thing no matter who is watching.  She is quiet but kind. She is small but mighty. She is smart and hardworking. She is helpful. She is truly one of a kind.

February Student of the Month

Lindsay Giblin has been consistent role model and leader in the classroom since day one. She comes to school each day excited to learn and with a positive attitude. She is kind, curious, polite, and so caring. She puts her best effort into everything she does in the classroom and goes above and beyond to follow directions, ask questions, and be a good friend to each of her classmates. Each and every day she asks how she can help her teachers and her peers. I am so excited to nominate Lindsay for the Superintendent Student of the Month!

January Student of the Month

J Green

Jayden Green

Congratulations to Jayden Green!  Jayden is a positive, friendly third grader.  He gets along well with peers and can always be counted on to be a role model.  In class he gives his best effort and uses feedback to improve his work.  He welcomes everyone to our classroom with a big smile and happy greeting which lights up the room. 

December Student of the Month

Yassmine Karim

Yassmine is a hard working, self-motivated student. She comes to school each day with a positive attitude and is always ready to learn. She gives her best effort on all assignments and takes pride in her work. Her excitement about learning is contagious. Yassmine is respectful to adults and her peers.
She is cooperative and works well with everyone. She never hesitates to help others when she can. Yassmine is a role model in 4th grade and consistently demonstrates our school wide expectations of safety, responsibility and respect

November Student of the Month

Sam Delicieux

Samuel Delicieux 

We are pleased to recognize Samuel Delicieux as the Superintendent Student of the Month. Kind-hearted, attentive, and hardworking are just a few ways to describe him. He comes to class each day with a positive attitude and is ready to learn. Samuel is a cooperative student who works well with his classmates. He often participates and asks questions, shares his ideas, and respects the opinions of others. He makes an excellent effort in big and small challenges and is always willing to offer a helping hand to any student or teacher in need. Samuel’s strong sense of responsibility and character, work ethic, and readiness to strive to do his best in all areas of learning make him a great role model. We are happy to have him in 5th grade.

October Student of the Month

Lindsay Collins

Lindsay Collins

Lindsay Collins is our choice for Superintendent’s Student of the Month for continuously exceeding our expectations in and out of the classroom.  She’s a natural leader who can be counted on to help out her fellow classmates, and always puts forth a high level of effort.  She is always listening attentively, soaking up instruction, and pushing her thinking as far as it can go.  Lindsay’s character is unmatched; she is the type of student who does the right thing even when no one is looking.  She also volunteers daily in classes with younger children, helping them to transition through tricky parts of the day and supporting both their academic and social/emotional needs.