Register My Child for School

Welcome to Hamden!  

Hamden is pleased to welcome you to our community!  Any child living in Hamden is entitled to attend school in one of Hamden's public schools. In order for children to attend school in Hamden, proof of residency must be provided and registration forms must be completed. 

The best way to register is to complete online registration. 

To register online, you'll have to create an account when you first begin. (See below to complete online registration and for more information.)

You can also fill out the registration forms in print from these links:

If you complete the form in print, please mail it to Hamden Public Schools - Registration, 60 Putnam Ave, Hamden, CT  06517.

Please note that there is required documentation needed in order to finish registration for your child. You will need to upload these with your online registration, or send a copy with your print registration:  

  • Child’s original long-form Birth Certificate with State seal,
  • Photo ID of Parent/Guardian,
  • Proof of Hamden residency (current mortgage or lease and two utility bills),
  • CT State Health Form with Immunization Records
  • Academic records if transferring from another school. 

Additional Info on Proof of Residency

Any parent/guardian residing in Hamden who does not own their own home or have a lease in their name must complete a Residential Status Report Application at our Central Office (60 Putnam Avenue). During the Coronavirus situation, the office is closed, but once schools are open again, you will need to come to Central Office to complete this application.

If you are a Hamden resident and have a child living with you but the child is not your child (i.e. grandchild, niece or nephew etc) you must complete the residency application. PLEASE NOTE:  If you are a resident applying for a child living with you that is not your child, both a parent/guardian and you (the Hamden resident) must be present to complete the residency application. This application can be obtained and completed in the Residency Office (60 Putnam Avenue) once schools have reopened.

If you completed a Residential Status Report Application for your child/children last year, please be advised that  the Board of Education requires this form to be completed annually (you must complete it each year), unless you have moved into your own home or now have a lease in your name. 

Residency Process: Needed Documentation

To prove you are a Hamden resident, you will need the following documentation:

  • Copy of current mortgage statement or original lease agreement for Hamden residence
  • One current utility bill for Hamden residence (UI, gas, cable, water)
  • Copy of child's birth certificate (long form) for child/children (only required if student is new to the district)
  • Photo identification for parent/guardian Hamden resident


Info on Completing Online Registration 

Before completing registration, you must first create an account. Please create only ONE Account per family. You will have the option to register/update multiple children using this one account, and it will simplify the information you need to input.

Filling out the forms should take approximately 10-20 minutes per student. There are 8 pages that must be completed. If you miss any of the required fields, the system will prompt you at the end to go back and complete those fields. The form will not let you submit your registration until all required fields have been completed.

Upon completion and submittal of your registration form(s), you will need to upload the required documents (the list can be found on the last page after you submit the registration form).

Required documents may include: Child’s Original Birth Certificate, Photo ID of Parent/Guardian, two PROOFS OF RESIDENCY, Immunization Records/Release form, and Academic records if applicable.

Other needed forms (Both Health Assessment Form and Home Language Survey must be completed):

Other Questions about registering your child?  Call 203-407-2204