Hamden Heroes 2021-2022

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Throughout the year, so many of our students and staff members at Hamden Public Schools go above and beyond. They are shining beacons of our core values and the district honors those who make our schools a better place every day. 

Bear Path School  

Aliyah Murphy, Grade 6

Khush Khan, School Psychologist

Diana Theriault, Hamden PTA President

West Woods School

Samantha Bankowski, Grade 6

Delores Deer, School Nurse

Dina Lemieux, PTA Book Fair Committee Chair

Dunbar Hill School  

Nathan Reynoso- Grade 1

Eric Richo and Brian Beirne- DH Custodians

Debbie Saballos- DH Community Member

Helen Street School

Alejandra Connor, Grade 5

Karen Alexander-Special Education Paraprofessional

Sara Amato- local McDonald’s Owner and HS community member