Hamden Heroes 20-21

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Throughout the year, so many of our students and staff members at Hamden Public Schools go above and beyond. They are shining beacons of our core values and the district honors those who make our schools a better place every day. 

March-Spring Glen School & Alice Peck Learning Center
William Ruocco Grade 6
Shari McDermott Spring Glen Whitsons’ staff
Yvette Wiggins Spring Glen Whitsons’ staff
Marsha Gugliemino District Nursing Supervisor / COVID-19 Coordinator
Sara Keiling Cornell Scott-Hill Assistant Director of School Based Health/ Vaccine Clinic Site Coordinator
February-Hamden Middle School
Donnell Edwards Grade 7
Thomas Lam
Julie Beaver    
Mary Jane Karstensen
School Nurse
Ms. Coogan & Ms. Coffey's presentation
January- Hamden High School
Montsho Canton
Justin Esmer

Grade 12

LaMecca Quinones
Joe Vermiglio

Office Manager
Head Custodian
Ms. Gannon's presentation
December-  Dunbar Hill School
Justin Reynoso Grade 4

Alaine Brittell
Emily McClain

Math Specialist
SRBI Coordinator

November- West Woods School           
Brooklyn Diggs Grade 6
Art Sousa Music Teacher