Hamden Public Schools District Policies

9325 - Conduct of Meetings

Meetings of the Board of Education shall be conducted by the Chairperson in a manner consistent with the adopted bylaws of the Board. 

All Board meetings shall begin no earlier than the stated time and shall be guided by an agenda which has been prepared and delivered in advance to all Board members and other designated persons. 

The conduct of meetings shall, to the fullest extent, enable members of the Board to (1)  consider problems to be solved, weigh evidence related thereto and make wise decisions intended to solve the problems, and (2) receive, consider and take any needed action with respect to reports.  

Provisions for permitting any individual or group to address the Board concerning any subject that lies within its jurisdiction will be as follows: 

  1. The Chairperson may determine the time allotted to each speaker and the total time given to any single topic.
  2. No boisterous conduct will be permitted at any Board meeting. Persistence in boisterous conduct will be grounds for summary termination by the chair of that person's privilege of address. If necessary, the Chairperson may clear the room so that the Board may continue their meeting.
  3. No oral presentation will include charges or complaints against any employee of the Board regardless of whether or not the employee is identified in the presentation by name or by another reference which tends to identify. All charges or complaints against employees must be submitted to the Board of Education under provisions of Policy #1312 - Public Complaints.

The Board of Education may recess any regular or special meeting to a specified time and place. If all members of the Board are absent, the clerk may adjourn the meeting. A copy of the notice of adjournment shall be conspicuously displayed near the meeting room door within twenty-four hours of adjournment. 

Actions by the Board 

No action will be taken unless the subject acted upon was listed in the agenda published for that meeting, except that an item of business not included on the agenda of a regular meeting may be considered and acted upon after a two-thirds vote of the members present and voting to add such business to the agenda. 
Any motion which has been approved for recommendation to the full Board by a Board Committee does not require a second in order to be acted upon by the full Board. 

All actions taken by the Board shall be identified clearly in minutes of the Board meeting as provided in Bylaw 9326, Minutes. 

(cf. 1120 - Board of Education Meetings re public participation) 
(cf. 9321 - Time, Place, Notification of Meetings) 
(cf. 9322 - Public and Executive Sessions) 
(cf. 9323 - Construction/Posting of Agenda) 

Legal Reference:  

Connecticut General Statues 
18-a Definitions.
1-19 Access to public records.
1-21 Meetings of government agencies to be public.
1-21a Recording, broadcasting or photographing meetings. 1-21b Smoking prohibited in certain places.
1-21d Adjournment of meetings.
1-21g Executive sessions.
1-21h Conduct of meetings.
1-21i Denial of access to public records or meetings.
10-224 Duties of the secretary.


Bylaw adopted by the Board: February 10, 1998 

Hamden Public Schools     Hamden, Connecticut