Hamden Public Schools District Policies

9311 - Formulation, Adoption, Amendment of Policies 


 Bylaws of the Board

Formulation, Adoption, Amendment of Policies

Policy proposals and suggested amendments to or revisions of existing policies shall normally be developed by the Policies Committee and the administration for presentation to the full Board of Education.

Board members shall receive written proposals for policy adoption or change before the Board meeting at which they will be presented for a first reading.

Barring emergency situations, policies will be adopted or amended by the Board after consideration at two meetings of the Board. The agenda and minutes will be marked to show that policy matters are involved.

The formal adoption of policies shall be by a majority vote of the Board of Education, and their action will be recorded in the minutes of the Board. Only those written statements so adopted and recorded shall be regarded as official policy.

Board policies are made available to the community on the Hamden Public Schools website, as well as in a printed policy manual at the Board of Education offices.

Every other year the policy committee of the Board will continuously review the policies of the Board and recommend to the Board any desirable revisions, deletions or additions to the policies.


Reference:     Robert's Rules of Order, newly revised.


Bylaw revised:

May 12, 2022


Bylaw adopted by the Board:

October 14, 1997

Hamden, Connecticut