Hamden Public Schools District Policies

9271 - Code of Ethics

As a guide to performing their duties, Board members should: 

  1. As an agent of the state, uphold and enforce all laws, rules, regulations and court orders pertaining to public schools, and bring about any needed change only through legal and ethical means.
  2. Recognize that a Board member's responsibility is not to micromanage, but to see that they are well-run through effective policies.
  3. Confine Board action to policy making, planning, and appraisal, and consult with those who will be affected by the Board's actions.
  4. Recognize that authority rests only with the whole Board assembled in a meeting, and make not personal promises nor take any private action that may compromise the Board.
  5. Never use their position on the Board for personal or monetary gain.
  6. Refrain from discussion of confidential matters outside of Board meetings.
  7. Ensure that all school business transactions be open and ethical.
  8. Be an advocate of high quality free public education for all Connecticut children.
  9. Help create public schools which meet the individual educational needs of all children regardless of their ability, race, creed, sex, physical condition or social standing.
  10. Help the community to understand the importance of proper support for public education.
  11. Become informed about the nature, value and direction of contemporary education and support needed change in the schools.
  12. Serve as a communications link between the community and the schools, working to ensure that the community is fully and accurately informed about the schools, and that the school staff understands the aspirations and desires of the community.
  13. Arrive at conclusions after fully discussing the issue at an open meeting, and abide by the principle of majority rule.
  14. appoint the best professional leader available when a vacancy exists in the chief administrative position.
  15. Appoint the best trained technical and professional personnel available, upon recommendation by the appropriate administrative offices.
  16. Refer all complaints through the proper "chain of command" within the system, and act on such complaints at public meetings only when administrative solutions fail.

Bylaw adopted by the Board: October 14, 1997

Hamden Public Schools     Hamden, Connecticut