Hamden Public Schools District Policies

9130 - Committees

Committees of the Hamden Board of Education shall be established at the first regularly scheduled meeting in December, or as needed, by a majority vote of the Board. 

Duties of each committee shall be determined as a committee is formed. 

Each committee may make a report through its chairperson at each regular meeting of the Board of Education.  

No committee shall have power other than to recommend to the Board of Education unless specially authorized. No committee, or member of a committee, is authorized to make any contract or enter into any agreement which involves the expenditure of money, unless such contract or agreement is authorized by the Board either in regular or special meeting. 

All committees of the Board of Education shall follow the provisions of the Freedom Of Information Act as required by statute. 

The Board of Education shall act as a committee of the whole in final consideration of all matters. 

Record Keeping 

All committees shall keep minutes of business conducted at meetings.  The minutes will be kept on file in the Superintendent's office and available at all times to the Board of Education members. 

(cf. 9132 - Standing Committees) 
(cf. 9133 - Special/Temporary Committees) 

Legal Reference:

Connecticut General Statutes

1-7 through 1-21k Freedom of Information Act.

1-18a Definitions.

1-21a Meetings of government agencies to be public.


Bylaw adopted by the Board: October 14, 1987

Hamden Public Schools     Hamden, Connecticut