Hamden Public Schools District Policies

9125 - Attorney

The Board of Education will appoint an attorney for the Board on a fee basis, with reappointment subject to a vote of the Board. 

The Chairperson of the Board or his/her designee is the person authorized to contact and deal with the Board attorney in all matters pertaining to Board business. 

The Board attorney will be sufficiently familiar with the requirements of state and federal education statutes and regulations to enable him/her to offer necessary legal opinions to the Board. 

The Board attorney will advise the Board on questions of law affecting the operation of the schools. The attorney will, on request, render opinions interpreting statutory law, policies and regulations of the State Department of Education, the school district and case precedent. 

The Board attorney will represent directly, or in cooperation with the attorney for the Town of Hamden, the school board in all litigations affecting the district. The legal advisor will, as requested, approve the form of and from time to time prepare resolutions, policy statements or other legal instruments for the Board of Education. 

Copies of all Board attorney written responses and opinions will be made available to all Board members together with the original question as soon as possible after they are received. 

The Board of Education retains the option to utilize the services of an in-house Board of Education attorney. 


Bylaw adopted by the Board:  October 14, 1997

Hamden Public Schools     Hamden, Connnecticut