Hamden Public Schools District Policies

7113.1 - Retirement of Buildings 

A building owned by the school district may be retired from use when the Board of Education determines that it is no longer useful to the district and/or is unsuitable to the current needs or projected needs of the district.  The master facilities plan for the district should be the base for considering the closing of a facility, and should require additional study of the possibility of remodeling the facility for other purposes or for changing purposes.  Recognizing that the closure of a facility may well be an emotional one, the Board of Education will appoint a committee representing a cross-section of opinion in the school district as well as representing the people in the area served by the facility to study the issue and to recommend alternatives for the Board to consider, including retirement, alternative use, remodeling, continuation in use, or any other recommendation the committee might choose to make. 


Policy adopted:  October 8, 2002

Hamden Public Schools     Hamden, Connecticut