Hamden Public Schools District Policies

6145.6 - Travel and Exchange Programs

Foreign Exchange Students Attending Hamden Schools 

The Board of Education recognizes the value of a foreign exchange for students.  This unique opportunity to experience the culture of another country can be an effective and memorable learning experience for a student. 

In order to insure that students coming into the local school system from another country have a positive experience, as a foreign exchange student, the following guidelines will be distributed to all concerned sponsoring agencies and families. 

  1. The Board of Education reserves the right to determine, on an individual basis, if a foreign exchange student may or may not attend public school.
  2. Advance notice must be provided to the school prior to the finalization of arrangements to accept an exchange student.  Exchange organizations sponsoring students must be approved by the Council on Standards for International Educational Travel and/or the National Association of Secondary School Principals.
  3. The decision to accept a foreign exchange student into a district public school shall rest with the building Principal who will take into account such factors as space, appropriateness of placement, etc. (cf. 5111 - Admission/Placement).
  4. It is understood that foreign exchange students shall not be eligible for a district high school diploma, but may be given a certificate of attendance for the period of time in their district and may participate in graduation ceremonies if appropriate.
  5. Agencies, groups and/or families sponsoring foreign exchange students in town should submit health and educational records to the school they would like the student to attend as early as possible.  These records will be a factor in the decision regarding attendance.
  6. The name and telephone number of the sponsoring agency/representative must be on file in the school before the school year begins.
  7. All living arrangements for foreign exchange students are the responsibility of the sponsoring agency and families.  This includes changes in living arrangements after the student has arrived and throughout his/her stay.  Neither the Board of Education nor any of its employees will assume responsibility in this area.
  8. Foreign exchange students are subject to the same academic and behavioral standards as all other students while enrolled in district schools.
  9. The Board of Education will provide the most appropriate program available for each foreign exchange student, but should not be expected to offer English As A Second Language services.
  10. No foreign exchange student will be accepted who has already completed secondary education.
  11. Only foreign exchange students on a one year J-I visa, residing with families in the community may enroll on a non-tuition basis in the Hamden Schools.
  12. Students entering the United States on F-I visas, may enter the local school system, only upon payment of the full, unsubsidized public education costs before entering the United States. Further, students on F-I visas may remain in the United States for not more than twelve (12) months.  The local district, is prohibited by law, from waiving the tuition fee of students on F-I visas.

District Students Participating in Foreign Exchange Programs 

Any district student, planning on going to a foreign country as an exchange student, shall, prior to leaving, request permission from the school Principal to have course work completed in the foreign country applied to his/her high school educational record.  The Principal shall notify the Board of Education of his/her decision. 

If permission is granted, the following guidelines shall apply: 

  1. If an English speaking student attends school in a non English speaking country for a full year, upon return from that country, no credits will be accepted from that country with the exception of that country's language credit. (2 credits)
  2. If a student attends school in an English speaking country, the student must present a transcript from the school upon his/her return. The transcript will be evaluated in terms of credit to be granted by the high school Principal. The decision of the high school Principal in such cases shall be final.

Students who do not bring a transcript with them at the time they register for their courses upon their return will resume their education at the grade level/graduation requirement status at which they were on their departure.

(cf. 5111.5 - Foreign Exchange Students) 
(cf. 6146 - Graduation Requirements) 

Legal Reference:  Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigration Responsibility Act of 1996 


Policy adopted:  April 11, 2000

Hamden Public Schools     Hamden, Connecticut