Hamden Public Schools District Policies

6144.1 Exemption from Instruction


If the religious belief and/or teachings of a student or his/her parents or guardian are contrary to the content of a school subject, or to any part of a school activity, the student may be exempt from participation. To receive such an exemption, the parent or guardian must present a written request for exemption to the principal stating the conflict Involved. In the event of religious exemption, an alternate assignment will be provided. 


If a student Is unable to participate In a physical education class, he/she must present to the principal or designee a statement from a physician stating the reason for his/her inability to participate. 

Substance Abuse Education 

Substance abuse education is required by state statutes for all students annually and students are not exempt. 

AIDS Instruction 

Currently there is no cure for those infected with AIDS, but the Board of Education believes that education is the best way to prevent the spread of AIDS. By learning the facts about AIDS, students will be able to make decisions to keep them healthy and perhaps save their lives. A student will be exempted from instruction on Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) upon receipt of a written request for exemption from his/her parent or guardian. 
"AIDS Instruction" is defined as ongoing and systematic instruction on Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) offered by the District pursuant to state law. 

Dissection of Animals 

A student will be exempted from Dissection of animals upon receipt of a written request for exemption from his/her parent or guardian. "Dissection Instruction" Is defined as instruction in which a student must participate in, or observe the dissection of any animal. 

Any student excused from participating in, or observing the dissection of any animal as part of classroom instruction shall be required to complete an alternate assignment to be determined by the teacher. 

Exemptions from required instruction do not excuse a student from the total semester hours required for graduation. 

Family Life and Education Instruction 

Students, parents or guardians shall be Informed of their right to exempt the student from the family life program. The student will be exempted upon a written request for exemption from his/her parent or guardian. "Family Life Instruction" is defined as instruction pertaining to family planning, human sexuality, parenting, nutrition, and the emotional, physical, psychological, hygienic, economic and social aspects of family life. 

Any student excused from any aspect of the curriculum may be required by the teacher to complete an alternate assignment. 

(cf. 6144.2 Dissection of Animals in the Classroom} 

Bilingual Education 

A student will be exempted from the bilingual program upon receipt of a written request for exemption from his/her parent or guardian. Equivalent Instruction, as determined by the teacher will be provided. 

Legal Reference

Connecticut General Statutes 
10-16b Prescribed courses of study.
10-16c State board to develop family life education curriculum guides 10-16e Students not required to participate In family life programs
10-17f Required bilingual program (as amended by PA 98-168)
10-18d Animal dissection. Students to be excused from participation or observation. 
17a-101q Statewide sexual abuse and assault awareness and prevention program. 
10·19(b) AIDS education. 
10-19 Effect of alcohot, nicotine or tobacco and drugs to be taught.


Policy adopted: Aprll 11, 2000 

Policy amended:

First Reading: November 10, 2015

Second Reading: December 8, 2015

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