Hamden Public Schools District Policies



Social Studies is the academic area in which students deal with the historical social political, economic, geographic, environmental cultural and religious aspects of society. The experiences through which the school seeks to direct the growth of students should be determined by their needs and interests and by those of society. This knowledge should be used in the selection and organization of those activities which will result in the maximum development of capacities for democratic, intelligent and socially responsible citizenship. Subject matter should be used as a means to acquire and develop basic knowledge, skills, and social competencies, and stimulate students to ask their own questions, pursue topics of interest and encourage them to become contributing members of society. Social Studies should be integrated and correlated with other subjects to produce in students a more realistic understanding of themselves and of the world Therefore, Social Studies will provide students with the knowledge, skills and the means to appreciate the importance of the past, the complexity of the present and to respond to the challenges of the future.


Policy adopted:  April 11, 2000

Hamden Public Schools     Hamden, Connecticut