Hamden Public Schools District Policies

6141.1 - Curriculum/Textbook Adoption

Curriculum will be reviewed and revised in a systematic and ongoing manner consisting of five year cycles. The process will consist of analyzing the existing curriculum by reviewing the philosophy, goals and objectives, conducting a needs assessment, and reviewing the current literature and exemplary programs; revising the philosophy goals, objectives and scope and sequence; planning program revisions in design, instructional materials/textbooks and activities; implementing the program by providing adequate staff development; and evaluating the revisions. Curriculum committees consisting of staff, parents, administrators, and others as appropriate will be formed and charged with the responsibility of reviewing and revising each prescribed course of study in Language Arts; Mathematics; Science; Social Studies; Arts, Consumer Education; Career Education; Health/Safety; Physical Education; World Languages; and Vocational Education. 

The Superintendent will recommend to the Board of Education for its adoption curriculum guides for all subject areas and also those textbooks used as the primary instructional sources. 

The Board will approve any proposed textbook adoption at one meeting subject to a second approval by acting on the proposal at a subsequent meeting. A two-thirds vote of Board members present at a meeting is required for adoption of a new textbook. 

Legal Reference:

Connecticut General Statutes 

10-16b  Prescribed courses of study.

10-16c et seq. re family life education.

10-17 English language to be medium of instruction. 10-17 et seq. re Bilingual instruction.

10-18 Courses in United States history, government and duties and esponsibilities of citizenship. 

10-18a Contents of textbooks and other general instructional materials.

10-18b et seq. re Firearms safety programs.

10-19  Effect of alcohol, nicotine or tobacco and drugs to be taught. Training of personnel.  Evaluation of programs by alcohol and drug abuse commission and department of education.

10-19a et seq.  re Substance abuse prevention team.

10-24  Course in motor vehicle operation and highway safety.

10-21 et seq. re Vocational education and cooperation with business


Policy adopted:  April 11, 2000

Hamden Public Schools     Hamden, Connecticut