Hamden Public Schools District Policies

6121.1 - Reduction of Racial, Ethnic and Economic Isolation 

Reduction of Racial, Ethnic and Economic Isolation 
The Board of Education shall provide, in conformity with all applicable state statutes and regulations, educational opportunities for students to interact with students and teachers from other racial, ethnic and economic backgrounds in order to reduce racial, ethnic and economic isolation. Such opportunities may be provided with students from other communities. 
In providing such opportunities, the Board will consider such programs or use such methods as: 

  1. Inter-district magnet school programs;
  2. Charter schools;
  3. Inter-district after-school, Saturday and summer programs and sister-school projects;
  4. Intra-district and inter-district public school choice programs;
  5. Inter-district school building projects;
  6. Inter-district program collaboratives for students and staff;
  7. Minority staff recruitment;
  8. Distance learning through the use of technology;
  9. Experiences that increase awareness of the diversity of individuals and cultures;
  10. Community and parental involvement in the school district; and
  11. Diversity committee.

The Board shall report by October 1, 1998 and biennially thereafter, to its regional education service center on district programs and activities undertaken to reduce racial, ethnic and economic isolation. Such information shall, through the regional service center and the Commission of Education, be reported to the Governor and the General Assembly. 

(cf. 1110.1 Parental Involvement) 
(cf. 1212 School Volunteers) 
(cf. 1330 Use of School Facilities) 
(cf. 5117.1 Intra-District Choice/Open enrollment) 
(cf. 5117.2 Inter-District Choice) 
(cf. 5117 School District Lines) 
(cf. 5118 Nonresident Attendance) 
(cf. 6010 Goals and Objectives) 
(cf. 6114.7 Safe Schools) 
(cf. 7010 Goals and Objectives - Construction) 
(cf. 7100 Planning-Construction)

Legal Reference: Connecticut General Statutes 

10-4a Educational interests of state defined, as amended by PA 97-290- An Act Enhancing Education Choices and Opportunities.

10-220 Duties of boards of education


Policy adopted:  December 12, 2000

Hamden Public Schools     Hamden, Connecticut