Hamden Public Schools District Policies

6111 - School Calendar

The Superintendent of Schools shall recommend school calendars meeting all statutory requirements, and the needs of families and the school community to the Board of Education for its review, modification and approval.

The calendars recommended to the Board may include the operation of schools on state holidays providing a suitable nonsectarian educational program is held to observe the holiday, except for those holidays that occur in December and January.

The school calendar shall show the beginning and expected ending dates of school, school days in each school month, the number of school days in  each month, legal and local holidays, staff development days, early closing days, vacation periods, and other pertinent dates, including graduation for students in grade twelve.  The Board may use the RESC developed and approved uniform regional school calendar.

The Board, in establishing a graduation date, may establish for any school year a firm graduation date which is no earlier than the one-hundred eighty-fifth day in the adopted school calendar. The graduation date may be modified, if necessary, after April first in any school year where the Board establishes a firm graduation date which, at the time of such establishment, provides for at least 180 days of school.

(cf. 6146 - Graduation Requirements)

Legal Reference:       

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Policy revised:  November 13, 2018                                      HAMDEN PUBLIC SCHOOLS
Policy adopted:   April 11, 2000     Hamden, Connecticut