Hamden Public Schools District Policies

6000 - Concept and Roles in Instruction 

Instruction is central to the educational process, and everything the Board does is in support of instruction. 

Teachers, administrators and other instructional personnel need the support of the community. In an ever-changing society it is important that community members and professional educators work together to determine the goals and objectives of the educational program in order that they may be relevant to the lives of the students entrusted to the Board's care. 

The Board, being aware that specific educational techniques are the responsibility of a well-trained professional staff, therefore sees its major responsibility to be that of providing equipment, materials of instruction and such other facilitating action as may be required best to meet the needs of the professional staff and thus the community's goals. 

The Board of Education is also aware that our changing society necessitates a continuing re-evaluation of our current standards and techniques and therefore pledges itself to support a continuing program of in-service education involving both the certified and classified staff, as well as members of the community at large, to the point of keeping abreast of current needs of the students. 

Finally, and of extreme importance, the Board expects that the staff will present it with evidence of achievement, or lack of achievement, of the students in the light of the schools' goals and objectives. It is clear the evidence of the productivity of the schools is the Board's best device for evaluating the educational system, for guiding improvement efforts, and for fostering approval and support of the schools. 


Policy adopted: April 11, 2000 

Hamden Public Schools     Hamden, Connecticut