Hamden Public Schools District Policies

5117 - Student Placement

Students will attend school in designated attendance areas as established by the Board of Education unless otherwise assigned by the Superintendent of Schools in accordance with the student placement policies of the Board of Education. 

The placement of students attending the Hamden Public Schools will respect the individual and diverse needs of children. An attempt will be made to place each child in an educational setting in which s/he will learn best and grow academically, socially, and emotionally, and in which the parents and teachers have confidence. 

The school system will inform parents about the annual placement process and provide opportunities for parental input on the placement of the student. 

The Superintendent is responsible for developing uniform regulations which will require that data will be collected by the staff and Principal to aid in the appropriate placement of a student, and which include an appeal process for parents regarding a placement decision. 

(cf 5111 - Admission of New Students) 
(cf 5112 - Ages of Attendance) 

Legal Reference:

Connecticut General Statutes 

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Policy adopted: June 8, 2004

Hamden Public Schools, Hamden, Connecticut

5117 (a) Regulation

Student Placement Procedures


All students will attend school by designated attendance areas and must register in the assigned school.

I  Admission (Kindergarten/Transfer Students) 

    A.  Registration:

1.    All students entering the Hamden Public Schools must present to the Principal: a birth certificate; health records indicating immunizations and physical examination requirements; transfer card; other pertinent educational information. Parents must furnish proof of identify by driver's license or auto registration and proof of residence by two of the following:

a.    Current utility bill (telephone, gas or electric)
b.    Lease agreement
c.    Mortgage deed or mortgage note

Student will not be admitted to school without these documents. 

2.    Students not in compliance with health requirements will not be admitted to school

3.    Parents will sign a release of record form for obtaining educational records from previous school(s).
a.    School clerks will keep record requests and notify principal if records are not obtained within 30 school days.
b.    Principal will contact sending school

    B.    Initial Placement:

1.    The Principal or his/her designee, will review the educational background of student with parent, place the student in the grade she/he would have reached elsewhere, and arrange for an observation and evaluation by the appropriate staff. 

2. The Principal will make the final determination of grade placement.\

II. Continuing Placement: (in school placements; e.g., team, grade)

    A.    Parents will be notified annually of the placement of their child.
    B.    The Principal and his/her staff will place a student in a grade/term, utilizing the data obtained throughout the school year and according to the academic and personal social needs of the student:

1.    Student's age, academic potential and history, social/emotional needs, physical size, and medical needs.
2.    Family variables, including language dominance.
3.    Social setting, including class size, staff styles, groupings within a grade, and physical plant.
4.    Contractual restraints; e.g., class size, teacher ratio, etc.
5.    Handicap accessibility.

    C.    Parents may review the placement by requesting a conference with the Principal

III.    Alternate Placement (Special Circumstances)

    A.    Parents who want alternate placement for their children under this policy must communicate this in writing to the Principal and the Superintendent of Schools of the children's present schools and cite their reasons for the request.
    B.    The Superintendent of Schools will consult with the Principal then will approve or deny the request and notify the parents. In the case of denial the parents will be advised that, at their request, a meeting with the Superintendent may be scheduled if they want to present additional data and request reconsideration of the decision. There will be no appeals beyond the Superintendent of Schools.
    C.    An alternate pupil placement is based upon seat availability and class size.
    D.    An alternate pupil placement is limited to one school year. If parents want the placement to continue, they must file a request for renewal in the spring for the ensuing school year.
    E.    The alternate pupil placement process is conducted for and applicable to an individual student. Placement of the student's siblings will not be affected by it.
    F.    It will be the responsibility of the parents to provide transportation for those youngsters placed in the alternate pupil placement plan.
    G.   The prime consideration for an alternate placement request is for childcare. The Board recognizes there is a need to find childcare for an elementary child where both parents or guardians are working. The procedures for this request are as follows:

  1. A written request from the parent/guardian with specific statement or change desired
  2. A letter provided by the parent/guardian's employer stating the hours and location of employment.
  3. A letter must be provided by the babysitter stating his/her place of residence and his/her responsibilities.

    H.    The following criteria may also be considered for alternate pupil placement requests:

  1. Medical needs
  2. Accessibility for handicapped
  3. Disabilities
  4. Emotional/Social Needs
  5. Hardship

IV.    Special Education
    A.    Special Education
Students will be placed in Special Education according to state and federal mandates and Board of Education policy and regulation.
    B.    Homebound/Hospital
Students may be provided homebound instruction to maintain the continuity of the student's regular program for medical or educational reasons.
Students will be placed on homebound/hospital instruction for the following reasons and in accordance with the following procedures:

  1. Medical:

a.    A physician must certify in writing, on the appropriate form, that the child is unable to attend school for medical reasons and has stated the expected date the child will be able to return to school

b.    The School Nurse (with counsel from the School Medical Advisor when needed), reviews each request for homebound before homebound or hospital instruction is determined appropriate, and may recommend alternations in/or limitations to the request.

c.    Homebound or hospitalized instruction shall be provided when a child's condition will require an absence of at least three week's duration. Provided nothing in the child's condition precludes it, such instruction shall begin no later than two weeks from the first day of absence.

d.    No PPT is required in the case of a child not otherwise in need of special education or related services and the requirements for an IEP and evaluation do not apply.

    2.  Educational:

Homebound and hospitalized instruction for educational reasons shall be provided only when the Planning and Placement Team finds that one or more of the following conditions apply:
a.    The child has a handicap so severe that it prevents the child from learning in a school setting, or the child's presence in school endangers the health, safety, or welfare of the child or others.

b.    A special education program recommendation is pending and the child was at home at the time if the referral

c.    The child is pregnant or has given birth and a physician has certified that homebound or hospitalized instruction is in the child's best interest for a specified period of time.

A homebound/hospital instruction form must be filed for all students. 

Homebound of hospital instruction must be renewed each school year. 

Instruction shall be provided for at least one hour per day or five hours per week for children in Grades K-6, and at least two hours per day or ten hours per week for children in Grades 7-12. Where evaluative data indicated that the time requirements are too great for the child, the PPT may decrease the time. Instruction will be provided in the setting of the student's home or hospital to which the child is confined A parent, guardian or designated adult. must be present when instruction takes place in the home. 

C. Home Instruction

Parents may request permission to educate their children at home.

Parents may request in writing to the Superintendent of Schools, within a reasonable period of time prior to the beginning of home instruction, permission to educate their child(ren) at home utilizing the model form provided by the State Department of Education. Until the request is approved, the child will remain in school

All requests by a parent to educate a child at home shall be for the current school year only. If the parent wishes to continue to educate a child at home during a succeeding year, a new request must be made.


Regulation approved: June 14, 2995

Hamden Public Schools, Hamden, Connecticut