Hamden Public Schools District Policies

4234 - Staff - Administrators - Board Relationships

The Board of Education recognizes the right of employees to join or not join employee organizations under provisions of law, and that such organizations, if formed, may enter into collective negotiations with the Board on topics specified in law. In all other areas the laws of the State of Connecticut and the policies and regulations of the school district are binding on all Hamden employees. The Board has the final responsibility for establishing policies for the school system. The Superintendent, with Board approval, sets forth the regulations under which the Hamden Public Schools functions, and the Superintendent and staff have the responsibility for carrying out the policies and regulations of the Board of Education.

Attainment of Goals

Attainment of the goals of the educational program in Hamden requires mutual understanding and cooperation among Board, Superintendent and management staff, the certified and non-certified personnel, and other citizens of the community. To this end, free and open exchange of views is desirable, proper and necessary.

Employee Organizations

All employees are free to join or not to join employee organizations. Decisions affecting the individual employee are made without regard to membership or non-membership in such organizations. Each employee is entitled to individual legal and ethical rights and privileges.

Employees may not be interfered with, intimidated, restrained, coerced or discriminated against, either by the school district or by employee organizations, because of their membership or non- membership in any employee organization. They will have the right to participate through representatives of their own choosing in the presentation of their views to the Board of Education.

Employee organizations which meet the provisions of the law and the policies of the Hamden Public Schools will have the right to represent their members in matters within the scope of the law.

Legal Reference: Connecticut General Statutes
46a-60 Discriminating employment practices prohibited

7-467 Collective bargaining. Definitions

Policy adopted: January 14, 2003

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