Hamden Public Schools District Policies

4214-Transfers and Promotions


Personnel – Non-Certified
Transfers and Promotions

Except as otherwise provided in employee agreements with the appropriate bargaining unit, the Superintendent shall have full authority to transfer or reassign personnel according to the needs of the school system within the policies of the Board of Education. Employees shall not be reassigned to positions for which they do not hold necessary qualifications or licensing.

In cases of transfer or promotion within the system, both the Superintendent and the Board are governed by seniority whenever the following factors are substantially equal: experience, ability, efficiency, physical fitness and ability to work harmoniously with the fellow workers, teachers, students and superiors in rank. Whenever an employee applies for promotion, letters evaluating his/her performance will be obtained from his/her immediate superior and filed with the application.

Policy adopted: January 14, 2003 HAMDEN PUBLIC SCHOOLS
  Hamden, Connecticut