Hamden Public Schools District Policies

4211- Recruitment and Selection


Personnel -- Non-Certified
Recruitment and Selection

The Hamden Public Schools can secure the kind of personnel it wants by an effective recruitment program based on alertness to good candidates, initiative that results in prompt action, and good personnel practices in dealing with applicants.

It is the responsibility of the Superintendent or his/her designee to determine the personnel needs of the school district and to hire suitable candidates for all positions.

No inquiry in regard to an employee's race, color, religious creed, sex, sexual orientation, age, disability, national origin, marital status, ancestry or veteran status will be made of a person proposed for or seeking employment.

Prior to initial employment, a non-certified employee must obtain a certification from a physician that the employee is in good health and able to perform the duties of his/her assigned position.

It shall be the duty of the Superintendent to insure that all persons hired meet the qualifications established by law and by the Board for their respective positions.

(cf. 4111.1 - Affirmative Action)

Legal Reference: Connecticut General Statutes
                             46a-60 Discriminatory employment practices prohibited.
                             46a-81a Discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation
                             Title VII, Civil Rights Act, 42 U.S.C. 2000e et seq.

Policy adopted: June 10, 2003 HAMDEN PUBLIC SCHOOLS
Hamden, Connecticut