Hamden Public Schools District Policies

4150- Leaves and Vacations


Personnel -- Certified
Leaves and Vacations

Employed personnel of the school district may wish or be required to be absent for several reasons:

  1. Those beyond their control, such as personal sickness or injury, jury duty, military service or emergencies
  2. Those governed by compassion or conviction, such as family illness, bereavement, and other personal reasons
  3. Those stemming from occupational status such as attendance at meetings, conventions, in-service courses and seminars, and other patterns of additional study
  4. Those provided by scheduled vacations

The Board of Education recognizes that absences for such reasons are justifiable and will provide for employee absences as authorized by law and specified within the negotiated Agreements.

Legal Reference: Connecticut General Statutes
                             1-4 Days designated as legal holidays.
                             10-156 Sick leave.
                             10-156b Tenure and sick leave rights of teacher on regionalization of school and dissolution of regional school district.
                             10-156c Military leave.
                             10-156d Reemployment after military leave.

Policy adopted: December 10, 2002 HAMDEN PUBLIC SCHOOLS
  Hamden, Connecticut