Hamden Public Schools District Policies

4144/4244- Worker’s Compensation


Personnel – Certified/Non-Certified
Worker’s Compensation

Any employee who qualifies for worker’s compensation, for injuries arising out of and in the course of employment, will receive a weekly payment during the period of disability determined by the insurance regulations of the State of Connecticut. The Hamden Board of Education will pay any balance remaining to provide the employee with a weekly stipend equal to his/her regular salary during the period of disability if school district employees are assaulted in the course of their employment.

During the time an employee is eligible for worker’s compensation benefits, the Board of Education will continue to provide all existing group insurance benefits.

Legal Reference: Connecticut General Statutes
                             31-275 through 31-355 The Connecticut Worker’s Compensation Act.
                             Davey v. Pepperidge Farms, Inc. 180 Conn 469 (1980)
                             Farnham v. Tabatis, 147 Conn. 267 (1960)
                             McNamara v. Town of Hamden, 176 Conn. 547 (1979)

Policy adopted: December 10, 2002 HAMDEN PUBLIC SCHOOLS
  Hamden, Connecticut