Hamden Public Schools District Policies

4135- Organization/Units


Personnel -- Certified

Teacher-Administrator-Board of Education Relationships

Recognizing that providing a high quality’ education for children is the chief aim of Hamden Public Schools, and good morale in the teaching staff is necessary for the best education of the children, the Board of Education encourages the participation of staff members in the activities of their professional organizations and encourages the organizations to exercise their rights and
responsibilities within the spirit and letter of the law. The Board also recognizes the following roles and responsibilities that are clearly established by law:

  1. The Board of Education, under law, has the final responsibility of establishing policies for
  2. the Hamden Public Schools.
  3. The Superintendent and the staff have the responsibility of carrying out these policies.

The certified stall have the ultimate responsibility for providing excellent education in the classroom.

Attainment of Goals
Attainment of the goals of the Hamden educational program requires mutual understanding and cooperation among the Board, Superintendent and administrative staff, the certified personnel, the classified personnel and other citizens of the Hamden community. To this end, free and open exchange of views is desirable, proper and necessary. 

Teachers and Teacher Organizations

It is recognized that teaching is a profession requiring the possession of specialized educational qualifications, and that success of the educational program conducted in the public schools depends on the willing services of well-qualified teachers, who are reasonably well-satisfied with the conditions under which they work. It is further recognized that teachers have the right to join, or to refrain from joining, any organization for their professional or economic improvement and for the advancement of public education, but that membership in any organization will not be required as a condition of employment as a teacher in Hamden.

All employees are free to join or not to join employee organizations. Decisions affecting the individual employee are made without regard to membership or non-membership in such organizations. Each employee is entitled to his/her individual legal or ethical rights and privileges.


Personnel -- Certified
Employee Organizations

Employees shall not be interfered with, intimidated, restrained, coerced or discriminated against, either by the school district or by employee organizations, because of their membership or non-­membership in employee organizations. They will have the right to participate through representatives of their own choosing in the presentation of their views to the Board of Education. Employee organizations which meet the provisions of law and the policies of the Hamden Public Schools will have the right to represent their members in matters within the scope of the law. 

Policy Development and Review

The Superintendent is directed to consult with appropriate personnel and employee organizations in suggesting and establishing the desired policies and regulations relating to Board of Education teacher-administrator relationships and other matters as provided by law. 

The Board of Education will periodically review these policies and will consider suggested revisions or additions which will improve these relationships and promote the educational welfare of the children attending the schools of the district. 

Bargaining Units
Unit clarification petitions concerning the appropriate composition of an existing bargaining unit
shall be filed with the Commissioner of Education.

Legal Reference: Connecticut General Statutes
                             l0-153a Rights concerning professional organization and negotiations.
                             I0-153b Selection of teachers representatives.
                             l0-153c Disputes as to elections.
                             l0-153e Strikes prohibited. Interference with the exercise of employees’ rights prohibited.
                            46a-60 Discriminatory employment practices prohibited.

Policy adopted: December 10, 2002 HAMDEN PUBLIC SCHOOLS
  Hamden, Connecticut