Hamden Public Schools District Policies

4121- Substitute Teachers


Personnel -- Certified
Substitute Teachers

A substitute teacher will be a person qualified to instruct in the Hamden Public Schools and who is employed for short periods of time in the absence of the regular teacher.

Suitable programs for training, assigning, orienting and evaluating the work of substitute teachers shall be provided.

Rates of compensation for substitute teachers will be set by the Board of Education.

Substitute teachers will not participate in the health and welfare plans or other fringe benefits of the school system.

Retired teachers may be employed as substitute teachers without jeopardizing their retirement salary within the limits as prescribed by law.

A person employed in a position with teaching responsibility for more than forty days must possess appropriate state certification for the position.

Legal Reference: Connecticut General Statutes
                            10-183v Reemployment of teachers.
                            10-145a Certificates of qualification for teachers.

Policy adopted: December 10, 2002 HAMDEN PUBLIC SCHOOLS
  Hamden, Connecticut