Hamden Public Schools District Policies

4118.51 - Social Networking (Media) 

The Board of Education recognizes the importance and utility of social media for its employees, and acknowledges that its employees have the right under the First Amendment, in certain circumstances, to speak out on matters of public concern. In accordance with the provisions of the First Amendment, the Board will regulate the use of social media by employees, including employees' personal use of social media, when such use: 

  1. interferes, disrupts or undermines the effective operation of the school district;
  2. is used to engage in harassing, defamatory, obscene, abusive, discriminatory or threatening or similarly inappropriate communications;
  3. creates a hostile work environment;
  4. breaches confidentiality obligations of school district employees;
  5. harms the goodwill and reputation of the school district in the community; or
  6. violates the law, board policies and/or other school rules and regulations.

The Board of Education, through its Superintendent or designee, will adopt and maintain administrative regulations to implement this policy. 

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