Hamden Public Schools District Policies

4118.24, 4218.24 - Staff/Student Non-Fraternization 

All school system personnel shall maintain a professional, ethical relationship with students and refrain from improper fraternization or undue familiarity with students. Teachers and staff members shall not engage in dating and/or sexual conduct with students. 

It is the responsibility of the Principal of each school to emphasize the requirements of this policy and to provide appropriate follow-up on any complaint or evidence of failure to follow the policy and related regulations. 

(cf. 4118.112/4218.112 – Sexual Harassment) 
(cf. 4118.23/4218.23 – Conduct) 
(cf. 5141.4 – Child Abuse/Neglect) 

Legal Reference:  Connecticut General Statutes 
10-53a-71 Sexual assault in the second degree: Class C or B felony.
10-151 Employment of teachers. Definitions. Notice and hearing on failure to renew or termination of contract. Appeal.


Policy Adopted:  June 14, 2005

Hamden Public Schools     Hamden, Connecticut