Hamden Public Schools District Policies

4118.23, 4218.23 - Conduct

The Board of Education recognizes that school children are often influenced by the conduct displayed by teachers and other members of a school's staff.  The Board expects that staff will strive to set the kind of example for students that will serve them well in their own conduct and behavior and contribute toward an appropriate school atmosphere. 

Employees are expected to report for work appropriately dressed, on time and fully prepared to perform their duties.  They are expected to perform their duties in a timely and efficient manner, and to refrain from inappropriate conduct.  Every employee is expected to deal effectively with students, parents and other staff members, both superior and subordinate. 

The personal life of an employee will be the concern and warrant the attention of the Board only as it may directly affect the employee's fitness to perform the job, his/her fitness to be placed in a position of trust with children, the property of the district, or constitute a conflict of interest. 

Disciplinary action, when necessary, will be applied in accord with applicable laws, policies, and collective bargaining agreements. 


Policy Adopted:  April 9, 2002

HAMDEN PUBLIC SCHOOLS      Hamden, Connecticut