Hamden Public Schools District Policies

4118.21 - Professional Responsibilities

The primary function of the school is to provide the individual student with opportunity and incentive to learn. The primary responsibility of the teacher is to provide this opportunity and incentive and to supervise the students s/he teaches. Teachers are to consider this responsibility as a full time commitment to students and their individual curriculum. 

This responsibility extends beyond the instructional stations of the teacher to all areas of the school building and grounds. 

This responsibility includes providing for the safety of the students and the protection of public and private property. 

Teachers and other staff may be called on as situations may warrant to provide certain services outside the narrowest limits of their responsibilities. 

Teachers will: 

  1. Take personal responsibility for familiarizing themselves with all the rules and regulations governing their positions.
  2. Be under the immediate direction of the Principal and responsible for instruction in accordance with the prescribed courses of study, and such extracurricular duties as the Principal may assign.
  3. Have general supervision of students while on the school premises and, subject to the approval of the Principal, prescribe regulations for their orderly conduct.
  4. Attend all meetings and functions as directed by superior authority and as prescribed by the bargaining unit agreement.
  5. Take up with the Principal problems arising out of school administration.


Policy Adopted:  April 9, 2002 

Hamden Public Schools     Hamden, Connecticut