Hamden Public Schools District Policies

4117.4 - Non-Renewal/Suspension


Prior to obtaining tenure, a certified employee's contract may be non-renewed provided that the employee is notified in writing prior to May 1st by the Superintendent. A teacher so notified may request not later than three calendar days after such teacher receives such notice of non-renewal, a written statement of the reasons for non­renewal of the contract, and the district will furnish such a statement not later than four calendar days of the receipt of the request. The teacher may also file with the Board of Education not later than ten calendar days of receipt of the notice of non-renewal for a hearing before the Board or, if indicated in such request designated by the Board, before a single impartial hearing officer chosen by the teacher and the Superintendent. The hearing shall commence not later than fifteen calendar days after receipt of such request unless an extension, not to exceed fifteen calendar days, is mutually agreed upon. 

A teacher who has not attained tenure shall not be entitled to a hearing concerning non-renewal if the reason for such non-renewal is either elimination of position or loss of position to another teacher. The Board shall rescind a non-renewal decision only if the Board finds such decision to be arbitrary and capricious. 


A certified employee may be suspended by the Board of Education for an alleged or actual violation of any of the reasons for termination in C.G.S. 10-lSl(c) or 10-lSl(d) when insufficient cause for dismissal is considered to exist, or may be suspended pending Board or legal action for dismissal of the employee on charges of violation of one or more of said causes for termination. The Superintendent may suspend an employee pending Board action when, in the opinion of the Superintendent, continuation of the employee in the position presents a clear danger to the students, staff, property or reputation of the district, or to the employee. 

Legal Reference: Connecticut General Statutes 

10-151 (b) Employment of teachers. Definitions. Tenure, etc. (as amended by P.A. 12-116, An Act Concerning Educational Reform)

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Policy Adopted: April 9, 2002

First Reading: April 12, 2016

Rev. Adopted: May 10, 2016

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