Hamden Public Schools District Policies

4116 - Probationary/Tenure Status

The initial contract of employment for a teacher will be in writing.  To achieve tenure, teachers hired after July 1, 1996 must be employed continuously by the Hamden Board of Education for forty consecutive school months, in contrast to the thirty school months required of teachers hired prior to that date.  Further, if the teacher's performance is acceptable, this contract will be renewed during this period unless the teacher has been notified by April 1st of the non-renewal of the contract.

Beginning with the fourth or fifth year of continuing employment, depending on date of hire, of a teacher by the Board of Education, the contract of employment will be renewed from year to year, except that it may be terminated at any time for just cause. 

After having achieved tenure in a school system other than the Hamden Public Schools, a teacher who is subsequently employed in Hamden will be granted tenure in Hamden after twenty (20) months of continuing employment in Hamden, provided that the teacher has actually served at least one day under a tenure contract in the other school district and provided that the teacher has been employed in a Connecticut school system within five (5) years previous to his/her Hamden employment. 


Legal Reference: Connecticut General Statute 

10-151 Employment of teachers. Definitions. Notice and hearing on failure to renew or termination of contract.  Appeal (as amended by PA 95-58 and PA 97-247)


Policy Adopted: April 9, 2002 

Hamden Public Schools     Hamden, Connecticut