Hamden Public Schools District Policies

4115 - Evaluation: Professional Staff


The primary purpose of professional staff evaluation in Hamden is to improve instruction in providing sound learning experiences for children. The success of staff evaluation is dependent largely on the degree to which there is: 

  1. Mutual respect, understanding and professional relationship between evaluators and those evaluated.
  2. Confidential treatment of all phases of evaluation.
  3. Constructive, conscientious self-evaluation.

In the interest of positive and constructive relationships, a program of evaluation must recognize the following points: 

Evaluation should be made by professional persons who: 

  1. Are trained in educational administration, educational methods and have developed a philosophy of education consistent with that of the school district.
  2. Are in direct, professional contact with persons being evaluated.
  3. Fully understand the role of the staff member in the total school program, and evaluate without bias or prejudice the effectiveness of that individual.
  4. Have adequate time available for visitations and conferences.
  5. Provide meaningful support to those teachers requiring improvement.
  6. Are familiar with the goals and objectives of the Board of Education.

The Board of Education endorses a continuous process of evaluation of all employees of the Hamden Public Schools.  The Superintendent is directed to implement the desire of the Board that the quality of service in the district be improved through regular observation and supervision. 

It is also the intention of the Board that all employees receive such supervision to insure that job assignments are properly and competently performed. 

A second and equally important purpose of professional staff evaluation is the determination of the quality of an individual's work and to assist the administration in determining whether the contract of an individual should be considered for termination because of unsatisfactory performance. 

Legal Reference:  

Connecticut General Statutes 
10-151b Evaluation by superintendent of certain educational personnel.
Public Act 95-58 An Act Concerning, Teacher Evaluations, Tenure and Dismissal 


Policy Adopted: March 1989

Policy Revised: August 1, 2001 

Hamden Public Schools     Hamden, Connecticut