Hamden Public Schools District Policies

4112.6 - Personnel Records

Personnel records shall be kept on all current employees and shall include information usually expected in good personnel administration. 

A file shall be kept for all resigned or retired employees, including such essential information as shall seem appropriate to the administration as specified by state and federal laws. 

The Superintendent, on behalf of the Board, shall notify an employee and a collective bargaining representative, if any, in writing when a request is made for disclosure of the employee's personnel, medical or similar files. 
The records will be disclosed unless written objection is received from the teacher or employee's collective bargaining representative, within seven business days from the receipt by employee or collective bargaining representative. 

Records of a teacher's performance and evaluation shall not be released without the written consent of the teacher. 
All written materials shall be made available for inspection by the employee and a collective bargaining representative, if any, involved at an off-duty time in the presence of an administrator. Upon request, a professional employee will be provided a copy of supervisory records and reports maintained in said employee's personal file as a guide to evaluation of performance. 

Legal Reference:   Connecticut General Statutes 

1-19b Agency administration. Disclosure of personnel, birth and tax records.
1-20a Objection to disclosure of personnel or medical files.
1-21i(b) Denial of access to public records or meetings.
10-151a Access of teacher to supervisory records and reports in personnel file.
10-151c Records of teacher performance and evaluation not public records.


Policy Adopted:  April 9, 2002

Hamden Public Schools     Hamden, Connecticut