Hamden Public Schools District Policies

4112.2 - Certification

Every instructional employee shall be certified according to the provisions of applicable state law. 

It Is the responsibility of the employee to submit proof of appropriate certification to the school system prior to the commencement of employment with Hamden Public Schools. The school system will maintain a record of the employee's credential as required by law. 

It shall be the sole responsibility of the certified employee to see that his/her credentials for certification are completed before the date of expiration and to file the completed certification with the school system. 

In the event of a lapse In certification, employee's status shall be Immediately changed to "Substitute• (per diem) with no benefits, and his/her salary will be reduced to the Current rate of pay for substitutes. If employee falls to obtain appropriate certification within 40 days he/she may be subject to termination of employment. If, within a reasonable period of time following a lapse In certification, employee provides evidence of appropriate certification, the employee's salary and benefits shall be reinstated, retroactive to the effective date of certification. 

Upon application, a teacher from another state who has taught In such other state, U.S. possessions or territories for a minimum of two years in the past ten years, Is nationally board certified, and satisfies the requirements of the appropriate Interstate agreement shall be Issued a teaching certification by the State Board of Education as permitted by statute. Such teacher shall be exempt from completing the beginning educator program based on such teaching experience upon a showing of effectiveness as a teacher, as determined by the State Board of Education, which may include, but not be limited to, a demonstrated record of Improving student achievement.

Legal References: Connecticut General Statutes 

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Policy First Reading: November 10, 2015

Policy Adopted: December 8, 2015